Saturday, December 28, 2013

time off weekend............

well I hope everyone survived Christmas holidays all right. I had a really nice time this year, I had dinner with my folks and an aunt on the 24th and then went back over to my parent's house on the 25th around lunch time when my brother arrived with his wife and one of his daughters and her hubby. was a good light lunch and we got to visit and chat and eventually my two sisters came over early to visit with the family before all their kids and husbands arrived and the house filled up for the buffet dinner starting around 6ish as planned. we did gifts next, my siblings and I had drawn names including our parents.  Next the little youngest kids opened gifts from whoever, and then all my niece and nephews and their spouses who had also did a name exchange. we sat around and just talked and talked for a while before everyone going their own way. we were 30 this year, it would have been 36 but my youngest sister and her family didn't come this year.
it's funny how everyone does Christmas differently, I know my buddy S was home and done that afternoon. he went to an open house sort of party at a gay couple's place in okc. THrusday I pretty much did nothing, I can't even remember, I think I was online checking about websites and being all handsy, I ran some errands went to the gym to swim etc, that' about it. I got this Netflix movie in the mail, Damsels in Distress, which I'd been looking forward to viewing since I'm a huge Whit Stillman fan.  I went ahead and rewatched Metropolitan, another Whit Stilmman film, and then that afternoon a few youtube videos of interviews with the director about both flms.  At some point after my dinner I wrapped a gift for my Austin bud who was coming back over to stay the night before leaving Friday.
After he arrived we watched the movie and towards the end there was a knock at my door.  It was a buddy I know from town and who works at my gym and the local school as a coach.  he didn't realize I had company and saw my lights on and wanted to drop by like he's done before. so we made small talk and then he left on his way unsatisfied I suppose at not finding me alone. ;)
My Austin bud left after breakfast Friday and I went and swam laps and then lunch and piddled around. Friday night I met up my buddy S at the mall. I'd arrived a bit earlier than he and went into the Fossil store to try and chat up the manager ,who is a super cute dark haired guy from London, the accent alone just KILLS an anglophile like me.  well the guy is always very friendly anytime S and his bf are in there, but I was like completely invistble and got nothin' ! ha just a nice asian sales guy helping me and also very nice. anyway so S and I went back there and the guy wasn't even there at that point. Ever shop Fossil store? they have pretty much the same basic all American colors and styles as any mall store but I like that it's a different brand than the conventional J Crew/Banana Republic/Gap etc stores.  (same goes for why I like shopping the store at the outlet mall).  We went up for a bite to eat at the food court next and then to the theater at the mall for a movie, Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  It's an awesome film!! really really liked it!! so adventurous and positive.
You'll never guess what I did today though, I actually had a sort of date with a guy. we met at a coffee place in OKC called the red cup to hang out and talk.  THing is, I met this guy a couple times for brief quick sort of meetings late night at my place back when I fooled around before leaving the country to teach overseas.  I mainly cut out all that business when I came back end of 2008. well anyway, so I'd ran into him on an online chat site, one that I used to look around on but these days when I'm off work for a long time and get in the mood, I pretty much just search different cities and pics etc... well we chatted a bit, and he asked me what was my story, and we decided to meet up.  He's also a college prof, but he has his Dr and works at a university near OKC.  He also lived in NYC before and we enjoyed talking about musicals, being profs, and he's very good friends with  a woman at my work and also a former college buddy who lives here in OKC etc.. we talked for a good while gosh I guess about 2 hours or more.
We mentioned maybe getting together again next week, which i'm not sure if that's going to be tomorrow or Wednesday since I plan to leave town Monday for Dallas to see my bud Randy and shop around a bit.  Guess we'll see how it plays out tomorrow evening.  I suppose I'm up for pursuing it, he's my same age and 6'6 and has had a boyfriend before etc.. but I don't know what I want even going into this. while we were texting after I went and swam laps today before lunch and then went out to pizza, the first thing I texted him was that I was completely socially inept on how to proceed in this situation, and that it was unclear whether he was looking to hang out or just get a bj.  He texted that he wanted to meet up and talk and get to know. so that was pretty cool. I wasn't in the mood for much action today anyway after a hands-on morning.
today I watched another indy film on Netflix called Frances Ha . Really loved that film, NYC scenes and living and the main character soul searching and finding her way! so awesome really enjoyed it. add it to your Netflix list. also consider Metropolitan, also you should watch Price Check with Parker Posey, I think i've mentioned that one before. tonight I watched The Kitchen, another indy film on Netflix. I also tried watching the first half of C.O.G tonight and got up to the part where dreamy Corey Still's character makes a move on the lead role played by Jonathon Groff. but lost interest and started blogging. am ready for ZZZzzzzz now.


Nik_TheGreek said...

All this sounds like fun. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
You do have a large family... It must be very nice when you gather like that...

j.lee said...

Glad you are doing well Dan. Nice to hear that there is someone in OKC that you are thinking about dating. Wishing you a happy new year.