Friday, December 20, 2013

less than a week..........:)

I forgot to post these two photos from last weekend at 21C.  they have quite a few interesting art exhibits there on display.  One of them was a Cuban artist that made this grouping of people out of clothes, and then the other photo shows a tiger made out of street cones which hangs above the bar in the restaurant . A lady there told S that he had to take a photo of it with his flash, and sure enough it had a very cool effect.

keeping myself busy this week running errands. got all my grades finalized on Monday and then went by mom and dad's to discuss having everyone over for Christmas. Tuesday I don't even remember and then Wednesday I ran errands to garden ridge and hobby lobby to get half off Christmas ornaments and other stuff for decorations. Yesterday I went to the grocery and got tons of baking stuff and made cookies all day. I'm going to take some over to my friend A's work (the girl I move furniture with) and then also U. my mechanic friend and ask him about my 2000 Ford Ranger that's been at his garage since May, at this point if we can't get a rebuilt/used transmission put in it then I should prolly just sell it for parts. I've been up every morning swimming laps this week and then again before working out at 5. so I hope to keep up swimming twice a day while on break. Hope all are enjoying the holiday season. :)

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