Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday countdown...

finished up a great weekend in AR by going to church with S, his bf, and the bf's 11 year old son on Sunday morning.  Was not what I'm used to with the band on stage rocking and rolling a few Christmas songs and actually finishing out the service with "Jeremiah was a bull frog!....etc.." ha
and the sermon had been written so that it was all in rhyme, also interesting, but overall a great experience and S and B introduced me to a few friends there and everyone was so nice and friendly.
Afterwards we went to Mimi's cafe for lunch and met up with a gay couple, one of which was B's best bud there in AR.  What was interesting was that in the booth across from our table was Mike Duke the CEO of WalMart, same guy that was standing with Hugh Jackman Friday night when we ran into them at 21C near the town square.  I couldn't help but wonder what was a guy who made around $35 million a year doing eating out at a place in town like that, but most people in Bentonville will tell you that the Walmart big whigs live sort of frugal normal lives more or less, other than the huge mansion homes all over the place. ha.
When we headed back home driving though Siloam, I showed S my alma mata there in town, pointing out which dorms I lived in and all that.  We also drove by a house for sale that I'd considered buying as a rental. But upon arriving home, I'd received news that the house had a bad foundation and had been remodeled inside in an illegal way. This was from someone else that'd wanted to buy it and had it inspected etc... so that explains why the guy had a lease to own sign on the house since no back will give a loan on it. anyway, moving on.
This morning I was up and moseying around the house and up to campus by 10am. getting all my final grades entered, printed, and turned in.  I pushed a few grades up of students who were at 69 and I thought decided a C, or those at 89 and I thought deserved A's. next drove across town to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning appointment.  The dentist still wants me to get two crowns, but this time he said the upper tooth needed it first and next the bottom tooth blah blah, I promised him I'd get on it this spring.  Drove back by through my hometown since I was on that side of OKC, and went by my sister's work to say hello, then next to folks' place to visit and talk about Christmas day set up... got a little excited conversation about my brother in law and the gift exchange plan and stuff I won't bore you with here. I'm ready to enjoy the week off!!! hoepfully tomorrow I'll be getting out and doing a bit of shopping and getting my house picked up with all the separate little piles of each previous days outfit of clothes ha. cheers! and enjoy the holiday season!!

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