Sunday, November 24, 2013

pre holiday er..... warm up??

man what a fun weekend.... Friday after classes and then swimming laps in the campus pool, I had office hours from 11 -12 as usual, and my parents came to see me and my office. was great! we were going to go out for lunch afterwards but it was sleeting and getting slick on the roads so they went back home and I left to get some errands done before it got too bad.
I drove up north side OKC to the Whole Foods store to get caster sugar and almond flour, also some cookies from the cookie bar of course. :P  returned home and around 4pm, I found out from buddy S that we were still on for going to the movies (along with bud J who just move back from houston). we'd decided to meet at the mall for an early 4:40 pm showing of Catching Fire, the sequal to Hunger Games. however tickets were sold out, and for most any other times after that, we got into J's car and drove over to Tinseltown movies which is sort of a ghetto movieplex on the NE side of town, BUT we found a 5:15 showing and tickets before 6pm only 4.25! woo hoo... It wasn't even packed at all since the roads were still getting bad out. the film was awesome and the 2.5 hours flew by. I watched the first film last weekend on netflix so I was all caught up. after that we ate dinner at Hideaway pizza and caught up with J and his new job and where he might end up buying a house etc...
Saturday I stayed home and cleaned stuff and picked up and then started my baking project with ingredients found at whole Foods.  French Macarons! they turned out all right except I got a little too experimental on the filling with powdered milk and some pomegranite Crystal light flavoring which didn't taste too great from the bowl, but tasted better on the cookie.
Last night Saturday we all met at Dave and Geoff's for S's birthday dinner. his bf came to town Sat morning and had arranged for food to be picked up from Iron Star Grill, so S, his bf, J, me, Dave and Geoff, and an older couple in town Mike and Bruce, also a friend of ours that I always see at my gym named Cody.  We all got caught up and chit chatted away and laughed at jokes and watched the OSU game beating Baylor...
today was sleeting ice all morning so I stayed in from going to church. I watched a few sermons from my church online instead. :)  and then now I'm just listening to the musical Chess performed on Youtube in 12 parts of videos. ha, I like hearing Josh Groban singing Anthem. I used to play that on the piano and try to belt it out. freezing cold today, I plan to stay in and catch up grading a few late papers that were turned in and then vacuum and some point to warm up a bit. hope everyone is getting ready for a great Thanksgiving! :)

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Are You back? I hope so.