Thursday, November 07, 2013

fall fall.....

fall is here! went to stock club meeting Monday night and we decided to buy into TOT, oil company? I dunno, the club liked the dividend it paid.  I however did come home from the meeting and made some decisions. followed through on Wednesday. I sold 150 shares of Sandridge SD, and cashed it out. I need the funs.  I bought those shares a couple years ago trying to do a short sell and make some money before my trip to NYC w/ my two sisters... and the stock went down ever since! so once it got back close to the $7 price I wanted to just cash out and get it back. which I will now next week and use to pay down my credit card back to zero before Christmas! ha... I had some things charged up on there without putting a stop to free spending like I'd planned. thing is something I collect came up for sell on line and I HAD to have it. also a friend had a painting event last weekend and I wanted to support him by buying one of the paintings... tsk tsk. what lack of self control....
otherwise things are going really well at my day job. I've applied for a trip to Mexico next summer which the school pays for and takes a group of faculty down there to visit for a week in August.  My boss the dean of the dept encouraged me to apply, I'd told her that I'd held back since it was my first year and she said, nah go for it.  chances are they'll include me since I can help with translating during the trip a bit. I hope so! :)
this weekend is ALL about grading a stack of papers. also S and his bf are having a gay couple visit from AR for the weekend so I think the 5 of us are going out to eat dinner.
I'm proud of myself for getting up and swimming laps every day so far this week. also a second time at school before lunch on M, W, and F.  with the daylight savings ended, I decided to get to bed an hour earlier and get up and hour earlier in order to swim laps at the local Y before breakfast. going to try and keep it up a second week and hopefully 3rd, right up until thanksgiving break, and then I don't know if I'll keep it up after that, maybe just run on the treadmill after work after that. ha too cold in the morning to get up drive back and forth places. booo.
not sure what time I've saved from not blogging as much, but less photo searches and checking blog hits every day, so more relaxed and keeping to getting work done and geared up for the holidays at this point of course. cheers.

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