Sunday, October 20, 2013

lasting bf's...

cracking up how optimistic these guys are, ha ha.. .it's sort of funny after only 5 months they give advice.. I guess how to last 5 months?? anyway, I wonder if you're already going to role play after 5 months to keep it exciting what's going on 1- 2 years later. It would be cool to see if/when these guys last more than 2 years what they'd say looking back on what they were like in this video. still a cute couple absolutely...I don't mean to sound negative, I really bet they do last a while. They seem like great guys together. I just thought that 5 months of advice seemed funny but what do I know. My only real observation is the guy who says F*@K over and over, to me sounds like he doth protest too much, we get it, you can talk like a sailor mouth straight boy, okay already, ha ha j/k.

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