Thursday, October 10, 2013


well finally a post. I was getting sort of tired of blogging and thought I'd try and get as many photos up as possible to purge out my computer files. thus all the multiple photo posts lately. nothing much to say here, just teaching away, I'm adjusting to the new job, and as I take on this path in my career I want to decide as well my path in life and what I've been doing and what changes I can make. one of those things is the time i spend on this blog and whether I feel the need to do so anymore and pretty much I think I've had to say what I wanted to say. it turns out I'm pretty much married to God at this point in life and don't see anything changing. but we'll see what becomes of that.
 I love pouring myself into the new job and am actually SUPER busy this week grading the 2nd round of essays turned in. I have one more COMPII class to get through and then my 3 COMPI classses turned in essays today so i'll be going through all those tonight. I am glad to see fall break around the corner in good timing. all the essays will be returned next week and then I'll have Thursday and Friday off. woo hoo. I was going to go visit my sister in the panhandle but instead I might stay home and get some yardwork projects done. one thing I want to do is build a raised bed, and another is to redo the front path walkway. I have a stack of bricks I got from when they remodeled the high school where I used to work. nice brick orange and some dark purple old brick. so nice! anyway, I hope to incorporate into a zig zag path in the front of my house with beds on each side. we'll see. It's been a year since my great new bathroom project so I plan to get it spic and span clean in there and finish some caulking around the trim, well silicone sealant really, and then re-seal the grout and tile.
 I had a great time last weekend at Homecoming. great time catching up with my buddy J and his family Friday night. then overnight at my other friends S and J, and their boys. Saturday morning I helped them pick up the house for a .showing, they are trying to sell their house. I drove over to the ex gf place and then we went to a bike riding festival in the park downtown, then we went to lunch with S and J and boys, then the two of us went to my college campus and walked down to the soccer game but a slim showing this year of our friends plus with the cloudy wet weather. So instead we walked through some of our old classroom buildings and the chapel and talked about stuff we remembered and where our classes were. ha ha. I know right time flies!
 I went back to my host's place and she went home for a while. i was watching the husband play video games, Bio Shock Ifinite and a bit of resistance 3. around 6 I picked up the ex gf and we went to an English major alumni party with free pizza. I was really excited, we both were, to find a former professor there I haven't seen graduation!!! was awesome catching up with her and talking about college etc. next drove to Tulsa to see Vampire Weekend in concert. the ex and I had a great time, I bought a sweatshirt, we left a little bit early to get back to town by 11:30 and stop by a party in the back yard of another local alumni, actually a guy that teaches at our college now.ha back home early Sunday morning yadda yadda.
 this week has been great. I'm really enjoying the lessons and the students. I have one particular class on Tuesday and Thursdays that is my favorite. they are always ALL there, 22 of them which is a great turnout for a community college class seriously. and I got almost ALL of their essays turned in today, another great feat. so I'm proud of them and glad they keep coming to class. that class also has some fun personalities and they listen when I'm talking and get quite when I need them to, work well together in mixed groups etc..
that is also the class with the two bro buddies i think I mentioned. those two guys are funny and I do some funny things while teaching just to make them crack up. I don't think they realize I do it on purpose when I goof around and act up a bit.  there is a super sweet girl in that class who I had a conversation about her performing in her highschool musical that she had written about.  another woman a bit younger than me and with a bunch of kids wrote an essay about getting arrested for dealing drugs. oh my!
on the other hand I really like my last class on T and Th too. a bunch of highschool kids enroleld concurrently. I'm kind of sad that I didn't choose a better schedule of classes (we choose our classes when we want to teach before they are assigned to the part time adjuncts). I am teaching the step 2 class 3 times a week and a lot of my step 1 kids come on the T, TH twice a week class... but I know some will follow me into COMPII but there will be many who'd rather come just twice a week than 3 times M,W,F... next year I'll know this from experience to schedule it same days the following semester. we'll see.  I know one thing I plan to do is come Spring, all the highschool kids I have now I want to surprise with a graduation card even if they don't have me next semester, I thought that'd be something fun and unexpected to get from a college prof.
I'm not going to NYC this december.. boo hoo....:(... I just can't do it. my new truck payment sort of took the fun out of my fun play money.  It sucks because today I fould my magic number ticket price for rountrip, only $278 on exactly the weekend I wanted to go when my classes are over!!! ha.. but I figure the $100 a night for a hotel more or less, and then the $300 to $400 I'm bound to spend on expenses and shopping while there. well that adds up to a thou or so , so nope, money i can spend on a more fun Christmas break at home. plus probably get to dallas and shop around there instead of course always an option. ALSO of course I have a mechanic bud of mine still searching out a good deal on a used transmission to replace in my old 2000 Ford Ranger, it's been parked at his shop all summer. hmmm need to follow up on that and save up if it's still fixable.
however, a former student of mine that I visited in the past in NYC now lives in Miami and is getting married Dec 6th. I MAYBE will go to the wedding and stay with my mom's cousin's family there. BUT that might not work and I can just send a gift instead...
well that's what going on in Dan's life these days. I'll try to get a bit more content out to the blog if possible, otherwise I'll get rid of all my photos before any final posts and thoughts. ;)

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hey man, i always enjoy reading your blog. i too am wired like you. married guy but closeted. in my 40's so different generation but certainly can relate. hope you keep writing but understand if life takes you in a different direction (also can relate to religious aspect but do you find your mind wondering sometimes about some hot guy at church and next thing your thinking about is what he looks like naked) lol