Tuesday, September 17, 2013

time flies...

having fun here today, went by pretty fast, all three classes. bam bam, meeting, lunch, bam...
returned all the papers to the three classes I teach on tues and thurs.  I also showed some photos to the classes of me teaching in at the missionary school for 3 years in Central america and then later when I was overseas in kaabbul teaching English, just to share my background a bit after reading all their experience essays.  real productive classes today, they all finished with group work comparing errors from their papers and coming up with grammar rules to follow the next time etc etc.. still reading? well anyway,
came home from work in time to go across the street behind my house ( my house is on a corner) this pastor of a church who lives down the street behing my house sort of, well anyway, he was outside and I went over to say hi (he used to be a college professor also) and I told him my job was going fine and I loved it etc, and then I told him about the neighbors on the other side of me next door. Last weekend, I came home Saturday afternoon to see they had sprayed a stain/sealer whatever on their wooden fence ( I may have carried on about them putting a new fence in last summer, no sure). Well anyway so my garden shed in the back near that fence was speckled and splattered on the fence side with the orangey brown stain. So was a bed of plants, but that will all still live no big deal, but the shed sort of got on my nerves. 
Yesterday I walked over there as soon as I got home from work in my shirt and tie like a nerd and knocked on their door to speak to someone about it. I smiled and I said sorry to bother you, hey look I'm just wondering if the fence people are coming back to clean up, for example, the stain all over my shed, or shall I make time this weekend to clean it off myself.  She was nice (there are 3 or 4 girls sharing the place all graduated from the college nearby) and said you know, she wasn't aware etc etc.. I asked her if it was her cousins that came back to stain it ( they had put the fence in this summer 3 red head brothers, I may have blogged about it). she said yeah and she'll ask them.  anyway, I smiled and apologized for the bother and everything and said it's not like it's a big deal etc... However yes it is a big deal to me! ha ha. it's the principle and I plan to see it through just to pester 'em and otherwise I'll get out the and clean it up myself, I mean all I really care about is the back side of it that you can see from the street looking at it from between our houses. if that makes sense...sigh
Otherwise I got my other 2 classes' papers yesterday and I was going to try hard to get them all graded by Friday, but nah, I'm going to pass them back in a week on next Monday and that way I'll have all weekend to grade 'em. instead of killing myself coming home from work every night. blah I'd rather work out and relax.
Today i did that after talking to the man across the street, I changed up and got to the gym. finally, ran some and did chest day. the kid was there and we caught up and then this 6'2 tall Mexican guy that I chat with sometimes was also there, so the three of us were conversating back and forth.  the guy was bench pressing 225 lb and he's naturally strong and has big ole shoulders etc. not all rounded up muscly but natural looking. really nice guy, asked me if I worked last summer at the water park and I said nah it'd been a while. and we talked about him working out at the gym downtown and seeing this other Mexican guy shooting up and lifting crazy weights. how he lived in okc in a poor part of town with his 3 kids and how he worked a lot of jobs and all that. And I talked to  him about my new job and how I didn't miss the old one. ha
I am supposed to be taking my ex gf to Vampire Weekend concert in Tulsa coming up here during our homecoming weekend, but I have no idea where the tickets are! ugh. I think maybe somewhere in my pickup? I have to start looking for 'em otherwise it's money down the drain! ARGH. am looking forward the show though even though I'd rather be at Austin City Limits that weekend seeing Typhoon and the Cure! :P

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