Sunday, September 15, 2013

super Sunday...

I finally got to the third class of essays to grade and finally an A paper. The sad thing it is from a high school senior taking concurrent classes.  It was nice to grade an A paper and finally feel like I wasn't just making up comma rules that nobody knows or uses anymore. ha  I've been at it all weekend , staying home yesterday and today, no gym time or pool time :(, but sacrifices must be made for my dream job, alas...
It turns out the two best buds in my class that I wrote about before have both had awful ACL injuries that were "life changing" events.  It really is a life changing event to a junior in high school who can never play their senior year etc. I'll be working on just the right encouraging words to say about how many more things lie ahead of them besides being the football star in high school. ha ha.. at least they are motivated and going to college. other essays were a girl who tore her ACL and now won't be playing softball in college and has no idea what her future will be... lots of car wreck stories (I must remember to use another example next semester than car wrecks, something more positive, like think of a great fun super cool memory to write about.. haha...), graduation stories, some really good tornado stories of kids who had houses damaged in the May 20th tornado which I hope help them process the situation, and many others.  There was a really interesting one about 4 guys who moved to Aspen for the summer for valet jobs all summer. and another about a drunk highschool party and fight where an angry kid got in his car and ran into the crowd and ended breaking the legs of an innocent bystander who later lost one of his legs. wow!
Anyway, many don't get A's because I feel that college level you really need to get it right to get an A. With all the errors they make without really proofreading or trying, then if you give them anything above 90 they feel that's great keep doing the same thing. So it really has to be pretty darn good for an A.  I have enough experience to know how to rate the papers, I don't want it to seem arbitrary.
had an email from a former hung bud here in OKC this weekend which led to nothing , just some flirty messages back and forth. He knows where I stand these days as not hooking up quickies and sorry you'll have to get me to lunch or dinner first or DO SOMETHING real, if that makes sense.
I got paid Friday and am working on  a budget to get some money saved up to travel next summer. MAYBE NYC this December but I'm thinking maybe, sniff sniif, I'll have to not go this year. If plane tickets come down, MAYBE MAYBE, otherwise nope. it's just $600 I'd rather put towards Christmas gifts in general and whatever else.  I do plan to get to NYC either way in May to see "Bullets over Broadway" with Zach Braff if I can get a ticket with my next paycheck.
I had a former roomate from when I taught in Central AMerica who moved his family to Dominican Republic and hope to visit him next summer absolutely!  Otherwise that's all planned so far. I truly want to get back to Paris and/or London within the next 2 years, so I'll just keep planning. I'm also hoping to get a bud to save and go with me. woo hoo, someone who likes to sight see mainly and a little in to shopping of course.
OKAY no more dreaming and blogging, must get back to the other stack of essays.I deactivated my account Friday on Social network until next weekend at least. I have another 2 classes of essays turned in tomorrow. It's a nice break, very interesting feeling when you are single person. It hints on the feeling like on Star Trek where they are disconnected from "the borg".. ha ha  And of course I'm thinking of the most amazing things to say and/or links to post now that I'm not on there. ..
 I'm ready for fall and wearing browns and greys and greens and oranges etc... :) also have already planned the return of my beard...fall break mid October until school is out for break in Decemeber. bring on Fall!


Mike said...

Thank you for not being the professor to just gives out an "A." Kids need to learn to proofread.

Oh, and check out United. We are going 3 times before the end of the year because it is so cheap. We are going in October for $336 roundtrip, November for $236, and December for $389.

Oh, and this is the first Thanksgiving I'll be away from family. Haven't broke it to them yet.

And check out Philadelphia airport. According to my BF it is really easy to get from the Philadelphia airport to NYC, or Newark.

Mike said...

Oh, and put my BF and I on the list to go with you to Paris.