Wednesday, September 11, 2013

nuther wednesday.. I love ylvis

hi how's your week going? fine here, just nervously waiting for the essays I'm getting tomorrow from 3 classes. I'll be grading them all week and hopefully I can get them done 15 a day and back to students. ha
I've done all I can to motivate them to write a good paper, and honestly the first ones are always the most interesting to read since it's about a shared experience.
busy week as usual and I'm not getting home at 3:30 in the afternoon like I used to but it's SO worth it. I've been shopping ties online again, found a few on Jackthreads that were cheap enough buy 2 get 1 free and so I ended up with 3 ties only $41 spent! also I like they are the narrow tie sort of trending now.
I am waiting until this Friday's paycheck or 2 weeks more before I buy tickets for "Bullets Over Broadway". Or maybe I should just say ticket....? either way I am going to secure tickets and get a good seat for in May when we get out of classes!! I will really be super excited this May when I am off for a few weeks before summer classes. In the past I worked high school straight up til JUNE. UGH... ha anyway Zach Braf will be starring in the on stage production of Woody Allen's film by the same. I'm looking forward to it.
I got some Christmas cards in the mail today that are pretty cool. I found some older vintage ones on Ebay that have groovy colors from the 70's.  Otherwise not shopping and saving money, I swear.
While my friend was in town last weekend I brought up the topic of Burning Man, and about putting it on a bucket list of something to see/experience at least once!  He was sort of interested. I don't know if he's outdoorsy as me, but anyway we talked about me driving my pickup out there, or bringing tents or a trailor. and then a part of thought about just flying out. I dont' know but I'm going to brainstorm about it for the next couple years and maybe 2015 I could make it.  I like the art community idea of it all. Although I can't think of a more hedonistic atmosphere for a Christian man to take part in, but can't one just observe? It cant' be all sex and drugs and nudity after all... I dunno. anyway, I asked my best buddy here in OKC S about it, and he said, why don't I go and then meet him in Vegas? ha ha.
speaking of buddy S. turns out his seizures weren't anything physical that they could find with the MRI or KEG and all that... Sooooo now he's going to have to consider coming out to his folks and see if that's what's giving him anxiety attacks. keeping both worlds separate.  He was sort of happily living a single closet life and seeing guys etc.. and never expected to find a solid bf, and now he absolutely has one. they just really love each other and are making it work although long distance.  And S is such a small town super honest humble guy! the best! and it's been hard for him number one getting attention for the whole thing and then having to be dishonest about the whole relationship that he really cares a lot about out. so he's working through what to do next.  thing is he needs to drive to work and back without having episodes that could harm him while driving.. he's on anti anxiety medication now that helps him sleep and I guess it's something besides just the xanax. my good buddy, really hope he gets it all worked out.
I told him that either one of our parents surely couldnt' be all that clueless since we're single for so long. but still that doesn't make it any easier putting it out there. whew!
something on mind all week was this article about a sports analyst Craig James getting fired. It seems to be a basically ethical decision on the part of human resources based on his previous public remarks.  I was surprised that something he said before working there was a reason to fire him. What was more offensive that homosexuals will answer to God for their actions or that he said his opponent shouldn't have been at the pride parade??  I mean all mankind will answer to God for their actions eventually regardless who you're having sex with.... It's too bad that the only point of view here was one of condemnation and not what you'd expect most Christians would want to be out in public as their point of view. that of God's love and grace. Why is it never that first?.. oh yeah, politics!  ...alas.


drew said...

Wish you could come out to your parents too. I realize it is very very hard but when it is done I think you will blossom. Enjoy your post, Professor!!

d said...

I came out to my parents a few months ago. I was a nervous wreck. However, what did make it easier was coming out to my sisters and brothers who were extremely supportive and loving and one of my brother is a born again Christian. He surprised me the most. He told me that he doesn't care and that I'm his brother and he loves me unconditionally. Anyway, my mom was not okay with it in the beginning and had a hard time accepting, but she have come around and even have acknowledged the boyfriend at family functions. Ultimately, my mom said that I'm still her son and she will love me regardless. I think that many gay guys put on unnecessary fear on our shoulders. If you parents, friends, and siblings/relatives are caring and loving, they will love you regardless, and isn't that a Christian value- being loving and understanding? Anyway, I've been reading your blog for a few years and you have helped me immensely with my coming out journey. I also noticed that you are more accepting of being gay which I think is a good first step. Once I accepted myself, it was easier to live life. Oh and getting a boyfriend really pushes the issue of coming out too and the boyfriend really was supportive. Note that I don't go screaming out that I'm gay as it's really none of anyone's business, but coming out to my entire family and close friends was one of the best thing I've done for myself. I'm much closer to many of them now. I just turned 40 and wished I had came out a long time ago. If you ever want to talk, let me know. Cheers to your friend and you. David

Anonymous said...

I think the ter "Christian" is over-used and also used as an excuse.
I think what you mean is "sects"
some "sects", the baptists, pentacostals, pat robertson loonies, westboro gang, and "true believer" sects are not so accepting of being gay. The Episcopalians, Presbyterians, some Methodists are more accepting. If you look at the churches that have AA meetings (even gay ones) are accepting. Christian Fear is old fashioned, this is not the 18th century.. Your family seems ok and certainly your sisters and brother and your mom would have no problem. Talk to the sibling you are closest too. They probably already know..