Sunday, September 08, 2013

nonstop weekend...

man things really got going this weekend. has been awesome.
After classes at 10:00  Friday I went and swam laps in the gigantic pool on campus; it's awesome btw. and then over to the performing arts center practice rooms to play piano for only about a half hour.  I've been trying to get in about an hour a day of practice but since my office hours are 11-12 on Friday I decided to just fill in the hour in between getting all that done. graded papers and did computer stuff for a couple hours and got out of there by 1pm... headed home and had pizza for lunch at my usual place near my house.
Upon arriving home I started getting all my clothes and stuff put away and getting out the vacuum cleaner to dust and vacuum everywhere. while I did that, I made some chocolate chip cookies, so that when H and his friend arrived, everything would smell good and they'd have a snack. I like to make then with coconut palm sugar in place of white cane sugar, and I also threw in dark chocolate chunks with the semi sweet chips. I think they turned out all right.
anyway, I had plenty of time to tackle my room and put things away and vacuum which really doesn't get done much at all in my room and dusted by vacuuming everythiing off the furniture and corners and window legdes... really like that attachment hose!! ha eventuallyl H called and they arrived around 330. We sat and visited briefly then his friend that drove him up here went to stay at a hotel near.  H and I hung out a bit and relaxed and caught up, then out for dinner at Chelino's Mexican food. and then back home to watch a movie.  As usual I set up my laptop and projector to see the movie on the living room wall and we pulled out the hide a bed couch to lounge and and watch the film.  If you haven't seen "Safety Guaranteed" on Netflix, it's AWESOME.  He really loved it, and then we watched a few episodes of Broadway to Bust on the PBS channel, since H works in Austin at he center where they will be having the regionals there for high school talent.
Saturday! up early and milling around the yard, once H got up I made breakfast and then we chilled and sat around my on my lappy top and H on his phone etc... around 11 I drove him over to his parents place where he'd be picked up later and taken to the OU game etc...  I came home and got ready to go over to my buddy S's so that we could go hang out at a frined's place and pool.  got over there around 12:30 and then we got to B and M's place and hung out at their pool the rest of the day.  a couple of guys came over to swim a  little, very cute couple, sucks they were a couple though, so cute! this one taller blond guy Brt, so twinky and tight bodies, a 27 y/o architect who looked a lot like Neil Patrick Harris. and his BF Dg who was 30, a shorter and very hunky peccy dark haird guy with amazing smile.. I'd me Bt before but not his bf.  Anyway so we were all wading around in the pool and chatting it up with the hosts and eventually I got some conversation in with those guys and turned out Dg had also gone to a private Christian University here in OKC and even went to seminary after that. very interesting, I asked them some questions about attending church now and they said no that was all in the past, and plus Bt had grown up Catholic anyway etc etc.. It was pretty interesting and they really made a nice couple.  I couldn't help but think afterwards why can't I find a hunky guy like that who has similar Christian upbringing background like me. hmphhh! ha ha
anyway, they left around 3 and then this other guy showed up in a square cut speedo and beer and got in the pool, he is a realtor for the hosts B and M.  we chatted it up quite a bit because he has also travelled and taught ESL although his experience was in Germany and he confirmed that the men in Berlin are awesome and how much fun it was there overall in Germany... I've never been alas!
got home after 530 after taking my buddy S back home, hanging out with him a bit, going to this grocery store I like by his place and then coming home to have some dinner... My friends from AR, the family I always stay with there were in town this weekend. so I drove up to the wife's parents' place and got to hug their two boys and say hi and have a quick chat and we watched a bit of the OU game and then I came back home to blog and social network online before crashing into bed.
i slep wonderfully and sound!! ha becaue the night before H slept on my side of the bed and I woke up back and forth all night not being used to sleeping on the other side of my bed and him turning around and such.ha
The best thing about weekends is no dread of going back to work Mondays, my weekend or pretty chill and then I cheerfully plan what I might want to wear to work and looking forward to getting back to the students. Teaching college really makes a nice difference.  ALTHOUGH I might be hating life next weekend, I'll have 73 essays turned in Thursday to grade over the weekend. YIKES! ha hope everyone enjoyed their weekend ! :)


EX frat man said...

"...and him turning around and such." it's the "and such" that might be more interesting! ha!

Anonymous said...

Well at least someone got laid this weekend...... the wrong side of the bed-are you right or left handed..maybe it threw you off.

ps. as esl teacher you should edit before you post hahahaha!

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