Sunday, September 01, 2013

no homo, to yeah bro?

this wsa an interesting article - From 'No Homo' to 'Yeah, Bro': How Gen-Y Became So Cool With 'the Whole Gay Thing' . If you read it, what'd ya think? times have definitely changed little by little which is awesome. I think teachers and schools are more sensitive to hateful speech, maybe not a hundred percent but it's more out there. Although I bet it's still hard to come out completely as a public school teacher, I mean depending on location. I continue to admire greatly a teacher in my former district who also dances professionally and taught ESL and never hid a single thing about who he was or how he acted or whatever and that guy had the BIGGEST heart for the kids and the MOST determination ever. really impressive. anyway, so the article just fyi. Enjoy your SUnday!


Munnin said...

I like the article, and I have thought many times how it is true. As a Gen-Xer myself (mid-30's gay male) I have seen people's attitudes change even here in Oklahoma. I once told a friend of mine that I was a little jealous of how open he gets to be in his current mid-20's (Gen Yer), and how I am really jealous of how the next generation might almost be accepted from adolescence, even in ultra conservative places like OKC. No one bats an eyelash any more when my partner and I go to do traditionally couple things anymore like getting car insurance, picking up the tab, etc. When we started dating over a decade ago and then moved in together we got a lot of judging stares and the occasional nasty comment when processing the combining of households. Im my lifetime I will not see the end of judging based on race, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity, but its nice to see the progress and humanity become a little better.

M.J. Caan said...

Excellent article! Acceptance is always a good thing, especially away from the typical gay hot spots. I think the only downside (and I'm not really sure it is a downside), is the decreased need for exclusively gay bars and clubs. I'm seeing more and more traditionally straight bars being integrated. It increases visibility and just pushes the boundaries of acceptance even further.