Sunday, September 29, 2013

manhattan short film festival...

Anyone see these films this weekend? It's a film festival showing international short films in theaters all over the world and letting the audience vote on the winners. I go every year here in OKC when showing at the down town art museum.  Well this year was as interesting as ever although slightly less political and with an absence of horror flicks which usually always pop up. So what was your favorite? I voted for the Irish film about rehabbing old wooden furniture for new use in modern homes. It's an odd choice but that was the most cheerful one and the one I liked the most so there....The animated shorts were a close second and I loved the drawings of the Moscow sub stations and the idea of how he's searching out a dog memorial. The singing waitress movie was sweet but too sentimental, the Australian one had a good pro-literacy message sort of, the Finnish comedy was cute but slightly schticky, and the French comedy also funny but a bit predictable. Anyway most other films were too down or serious like the one on the NYC rooftops which is way too real about a guy sending endless hundreds of emails out trying to hook up online, finally meeting a guy he'd never usually be with but does it anyway blah blah, man I'm glad those days are over for me! sad indeed.  There was a Russian one that was pretty interesting and well-acted, but I don't usually like when films re-enact a true story.  There was also a vote for best actor this year. I voted for the guy from the death metal short film.
well I'm already home from church and the entire day lies ahead of me, what to do what to do.... You're probably getting sick of me going on about the new job, but there is no dread anymore on Sunday. Have you ever had a job where during the weekend you had that lingering sense of gloom about Monday morning just around the corner. seriously was a lot harder to relax on Sundays last year, now I practically look forward to getting back to work and being with the students. Thank God for that, indeed! and I'm able to relax a little better on Sundays, oh and I'm grinding my teeth a lot less at night if that makes any sense.
I do have something scheduled today around 4... my vet friend asked me to help pick up a love seat from a furniture store and back to her place. She's replacing an old couch that her dogs finally tore up in her bedroom with this cheapest loveseat she could find in okc. haven't been to her house in a LONG time and I know she has lots of cats, so it will be interesting getting to see her place.
I might get out today and to a craft store, I want to make some wreaths to give to family at Thanksgiving this year.  I also need to get out to Home Depot or Lowes for dirt and mulch and price some tillers.lazy day, enjoy!

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