Wednesday, September 04, 2013

humpday here

good week! looking forward to Friday already. a buddy and his friend are coming to town for the OU game and going to crash here. so I'm getting all my clothes put away somehow and vacuuming my room for a change. you don't want to know. and then the kitchen and bathroom etc.. man what a bunch of work for this lazy bachelor.  I'm not as careful if it were just my buddy, but you know how when someone brings a friend you want to make a good impression. ha
well you remember i mentioned the guys in one of my classes who were a cute bromance couple so to speak. they keep goofing arond and giving each other looks when I make the class crack up. well one of 'em came to my office mentioning that the other guy had given him the assignment and how they were best friends in high school. awww. and then yesterday I was teaching away and I see one of 'em stretching out and sort of touching his fist against his buddy's shoulder and just letting it linger. awww sweet friendship.
I kid one of the guys about the little notebook he uses that's smaller than 8x11 and the other guy when he walks into class sometimes he leaves in one earplug and I always ask him, are you listening to a game or something? ha
hope everyone is having a good week.  I went to stock club meeting last night and only two of us were there. which was funny because way way back when Microsoft announced they'd support a smartphone system on Nokia, we bought Nokia, and then it went down 2 dollars and never back up. so The lady who got us to buy it was there last night, and we were talking about how the stock gapped up yesterday when Microsoft announced to buy the company. so it's just under what we bought it for. anyway, the club never let her forget how that stock went down after we bought it and we were joking that we should buy more since everyone was gone but us. ha ha. of course we didn't. we decided to wait until next month and pool up the money until then. Me personally, I'm considering putting my saved up moving furniture money into 100 more shares of Sandridge stock. supposedly it could double in the next year so why not? :)
still LOVING my job and plan to try swimming laps at the pool there before lunch. I think my days of getting up at 530 and to the gym to swim laps are over! too much to do in the morning what with getting dressed up every day for work and making a sandwich for lunch etc etc. cheers!

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