Monday, August 19, 2013

starting off the week...

I had a pretty good weekend...Sunday I was the grocery store stocking up on some food, and I swear it seemed like eveyrone in their was in a good mood. Maybe it's the weather... I saw a teacher I used to work with and called out to him. ha  then I gave him a handshake and a semi awkward hug. he's blond and very muscle, the body of a dancer because he actually is a dancer. anyway, we talked about me leaving my school for my new job and how he was in charge of the ESL program at another district etc etc..
he used to be a facilitator at my district and so he and I talked about how I loved quitting last year when I didn't et the facilitator posisition and the guy who did wasn't even certified ESL.. we laughed about that and things and such. was awesome. He's out at work and among all of on staff when we were all working at the same districit. I cound't figure out if knew about me or not, not that it matters. just funny.
I came across a pretty good article today a friend posted: School Has Become Too Hostile for Boys, which really got me thinking... I always love gender issues stuff.  I was trying to see from all sides, for example maybe if boys were taught martial arts instead and they could play about that instead of pretending to shoot a gun.. I dunno. I was also puzzled about the transgender news in California about school age kids using whatever facility of the sex they identified with. Although it's extremely fair to the transgender kid, I don't think it's fair enough to the regular students who'd rather not me in the locker oom or bath room when a 16 year old of the opposire sex even though identify with another.... tough world to live in sometimex trying to make everything fair for everybody.
man I'm way too tired to say anything else. I was up at 530 and off to the gymn this morning, swam laps, got dressed, came home or breakfast, went to work to teach 2 claases, office hours the rest of the day, went out to both sisters' to put some stuff in. and then back home. blah!

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