Monday, August 05, 2013

road trip back home,.....

I'm about to CRASH and BURN here in a very very comfortable queen bed in St. Charles MO..... we arrived about an hour ago and now I'm all showered up and ready for bed, already posted photos of our stop at National Park Warren Sand Dunes on a social network.. .
We left around 730 or so and drove drove drove all day. we stopped at the sand dunes and climbed all the way to the top and then back down, stopped over near Chicago at a Star Bucks in Bollingbrook. we had lunch there with a friend of my ex's from AR.  he is a former model now currently working for a non profit and at a different star bucks and he has a new boyfriend who is moving an hour away and he's confused about what career goals to pursue next and how to date a guy an hour away while living with his parents in Chicago. it was all pretty interesting at lunch. he's 26.
anyway, we got back on the road by 3pm and then drove drove drove again all the way to St. Louis.
tomorrow morning we plan to leave by 7 hopefully and another long day of driving to AR. about 6 hours and then I'll have 3 more back to OKC. whew! cant' wait to be back in bed tomorrow at home.
I will begin the new job Wednesday. can't wait!:) I am also going to be researching on how to see the movie "Blue Jasmine" by Woody Allen, I've been reading a lot about it and can not wait to see it! so hopefully it will get  wide release and come to OKC and if not I'll have to drive somewhere. maybe while in Austin at the end of the month. hope everyone had a good weekend and your summer is winding down nicely. mine ends tomorrow. ;)

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thatguy said...

Excited for you to start the job, and to visit our fair city!