Sunday, August 11, 2013

much ado about something!

I went to see the new Joss Whedon film of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" last night. it was AWESOMENESS!!!  If you have the chance/inkling to see the film, you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO see it.  I was just blown away at the adaptation and acting.  I was laughing one moment and almost brought to tears the next, amazingly done! It all takes place pretty much in one setting, Whedon's own house, where the film was shot in just 12 days.  yet, it doesn't feel rushed, the story line all fits together seamlessly throughout each scene as the characters fall in and out of love while others conceive to thwart all plans of happiness. What art! What words! What fun!
The film was showing at the art museum downtown here in OKC, so you might have to search out the film in your area if it's available.  The film is shot in black and white, and the party scenes remind me of the Pet Shop Boys' video "Never Being Boring" directed by Herb Ritts, ha..  If you are in OKC then the last showing is today at 2pm, alas....  Today I'm just getting everything around the house picked up and laundry done, and there are stacks of mail and magazines on the floor here that I'm going to sort through and try to get rid of it or find a place for it.  I was putting away clothes this morning and thinking how this semester I can't really just wear whatever like I did with the high school job.  I will probably need to buy a few more long sleeve dress shrits, ties, and khaki's, ha.  Only other things on my mind right now are finishing up stuff for my two classes and setting aside clothes that I'll be packing for Austin, that trip is coming up in two weeks. woohoo!

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Looking forward to seeing it...