Saturday, August 31, 2013

more back to work shopping haul...

okay I'm stocked up and ready to mix and match between these new things and what's in my closet for teaching job this fall. :)  went down to the new Outlet Mall here in OKC this morning, made the usual stops and ended up with nothing all too unique but for day to day wear, I'm satisfied with what I found.
 from top left: J Crew dress shirt,tie,boxers,plaid shirt that pretty matches my eye color and what I always consider a "eye power shirt" when I wear something like that. ha yeah I'm crazy, another tie, and then from Bass store a dress shirt, J Crew boxer briefs, and khaki slacks for work.
from bottom left: Perry Ellis 4 dress shirts and tie, J Crew socks, and then Banana Republic 2 pairs of khaki "gaven" pants for work, another J. Crew tie lying on the slacks, and then another pair of BR grey jeans.
Everything was either 40-50% off. the dress shirts were all from $10-$30. and the pants from BR were $25, the J Crew slacks $32 and the BR jeans $40.
Mike, I do like that shoe quite a bit from Cole Haan. I'll definitely keep a look out,! I saw the classic "weejun" penny loafer at the Bass outlet for about $80 but wanted to shop around more and that's a good option. you know I take my shoe purchases VERY seriously. ha ha. :)  I looked at a few belts and am going to have to consider belts in the future. I've used the same black belt, seriously, since college. a basic black belt that I got on sale after Christmas at Gap for like $8! since college! also my brown belt probably since college.  if braided belts ever came back I still have one. ha otherwise I have a light khaki sueded belt from BR that I've had since college. I wear those 3 all the time.  I'll never forget how I saw the lead singer of Keane wearing dark blue jeans with a light khaki belt and wanted to get the look, since I have a lot of light khaki suede shoes, and then I found that belt the next weekend! okay enough shopping stories blah... back to nice weekend. I'm about to drive over to the whole foods store and get some cookies and take by my sisters house to watch some OSU football and maybe over to my parents' tonight to watch some OU! BOOMER SOONER!!! :)


Anonymous said...

What a shopping backwater OKC is. No Bloomingdales, Nieman-Marcus. Nordstroms....The Hight end store seems to be Dillards which always has
great 70%off sales and good soes sales. Then you have a mall with Saks off 5th, and Brooks Bros as well as a Ralph Lauren store. At least some civilized stores without going to Dallas. You want preppy then Brooks..$0.00 for Bass is ok..they no longer really discount.

Mike said...

Nice finds! I'm liking the ties on the bottom you picked.

Definitely try the Cole Haan's.

And as far as undies I'm wearing skimpy briefs and string bikinis, or sexy boxer briefs