Saturday, August 31, 2013

labor day weekend....

weekend is here! just had a perfect breakfast and am off to home depot with money burning in my pocket. ;) also stopping by the outlet mall to return/replace a shirt I bought in Austin. SOOOO nice to have the weekend off after getting back to school and my second week over with. last weekend I was pretty much on the road the whole time or in Austin. I hope my last post didn't sound too much like a whining selfish prig. I was getting my head around my feelings. of COURSE I completely support my bud all the way and will be as patient as needed, or change the kind of friend I need to be, whatever goes. I have been to several NA meetings with him over the years, I guess it's been maybe 6 years that he's been in recovery; I get all confused when he uses again, but as a non-addict it's something i'll never understand. So I just want to support in whatever way that helps him get to where he needs to be. okay well enough about that.
 WEEKEND and PAYDAY yesterday. .. It's weird but I'm already trying consider about going to NYC again for a little Christmas shopping which sometimes means for me too. ha I start thinking about it and how strange it is that I'm curious as all get out what is in the JOE FRESH store hanging on a rack for $20 but forget the savings considering you have to fly there! ha ha. I've been online shopping a little bit and not seeing anything all that new and groundbreaking this fall. Definitely some sweaters I'd like to have, but with the new job, I guess I'm focusing on a few dress shirts and maybe new ties, which I'll prolly shop around for today while at the outlet mall. I also plan to get a lot of yardwork done today before it heats up this afternoon. oh wait, I forgot to mention shoes. I am going to keep a lookout for some shoes, since all I really have for dressing up is a pair of brown and a pair of black Rockport shoes, which are very comfy and all but I can't just switch from black to brown everyday. I think I'm going to look for some Bass penny loafers and go for a preppy sort of look? I dunno...
I'm including a photo of last weekend HAUL from round rock, basically 2 shirts to wear with ties, 2 plaid shirts from BR, and the one in the top left corner from J.Crew. the great one is a sort of knit button up which I LOVE to wear layered over shirt and tie in the fall/spring etc. it was at BR too. and then 3 pair of boxer briefs from American Apparel..
 I've been disappointed not to get to swim laps twice a day the last couple of weeks like I was this summer, and in fact it's getting harder to get up and swim early before work anyway. I made it up there before 6am on Thrusday morning but the lanes were all full with 3 people going in circles and a few waiting so I turned around and dried up and got dressed and returned home for breakfast without a swim. My new job has a pool on campus so I'll prolly switch to swimming laps before lunch instead of breakfast.
and then in the afternoons, I'm going to have to kick it in gear with getting a work out in and maybe swim.  this last week I just wasn't feeling it for workouts. ugh, it's always this time of year though. Once it cools off a bit I'll be getting a routine going again surely... ha
It' been a lot of fun getting to know people at work, no one I'm all head over hills wanting to go out with or anything, but there are definitely some other gay guys working there.  I think my approach this fall will be to throw my own parties.  Since I'm not exactly getting out there or invited to anything or meeting anyone etc. I figure I'll have to start inviting people to my place, for example Scott and his bf and another gay couple we know in town, and then maybe a guy we all know that goes to my gym, and then anyway that's a start. maybe have my lesbian friend A and her wife over to meet some those guys..etc. anyway those are my thought.  Everytime I'm in Austin there are so many events and things to do where you meet all sorts of gay guys, granted they are mostly with boyfriends, but still, it's nice> OKC is smaller but still I should be able to get connected to what's out there. ad what's out there is a whole different swoop in the bucket of type of guys too let me tell ya. ha
Since we have no school Monday, I had to work some extra hours getting stuff graded and planned for class Tuesday. I brought nothing home and will just wait for Tuesday morning at this point... when you're single, you can either get down having nothing planned and nothing to do for 3 days in a row, or you can enjoy it and look at as getting a LOT of things done and get out and see people. so I choose the latter.  Hope every is having a great labor day weekend. Personally i'd rather be at the lake on a boat!!! :P

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Mike said...

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