Saturday, August 03, 2013

I love saturdays....

hey everyone, have a good weekend. i'm having a fine time here in Michigan. yesterday I went running around town in my exgf's car and it's really nice with the lakes all over the place. perfect weather here.
yesterday afternoon we drove with her parents to Hidden Lake Gardens sw of here in Tipton, MI. excellent day.  last night we watched "The Host" together in the basement while eating order out pizza. so relaxing.
btw that movie was pretty slow, but overall I enjoyed the creative storyline... I'm not sure how they got William Hurt in the movie, unless that explains the low budget because everything went to his salary... ha.
I liked the concept but overall it seemed like a chick flick twilight zone episode that was stretched out into a movie.  however the ending had some nice twists and of course there were 2 hot guys in love with the same girl, does that motif sound familiar??? I was team Jared all the way...
well, today we are driving a bit more to Milford, and then staying home most of the afternoon to get the house ready for a big party they planned, a come and go for their friends and such to come by and say hi while my ex is in town.tonight the party.
I've had a few friends on social media ask if I'm starting work next Monday since OKC school begin Mon and here I am out of town in Michigan. ha... I haven't announced my job yet to all my friends on that social media site, because I was waiting for two things to post. first, this next Wednesday, the day I report for new faculty training, I plan to change my employed by to the college and see if anyone notices. ... the other idea was when I get my office at the college then I had an idea of taking a picture of me in front of the door with my name on it and tag it "the professor is in!". ha ... but anyway, I have been messaging the 2 people who asked and told them NO not returning to high school and YES i have a new job. woo hoo!
Did anyone notice this story about U.S. Soliers posting to craigslist?  I was thinking how it was sort of non news... and then after reading it a second time I was thinking that I guess rules are rules, but easily to get around if you don't post nude photos.. I dunno, but would the same scrutiny be given or HAS it been given to heterosexual guys hooking up on craigslist with photos and such... pretty lame witch hunting if you ask me. but on the other hand, it's sort of cool they have freedom to more publicly go out and look for fun, makes you sort of wonder if more tension release is going on among the hardbodied troops... :P

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