Tuesday, August 27, 2013

back to work...

 I wish my Austin buddy had more Christian friends. Sometimes some issue or point comes up in conversation and suddenly I get lumped in with every right ring point of view, assumed to be in the same boat as others. I expect more from my friend, that he would be more of a critical thinker and search out my personal point of view, not just play into the world's hands of successfully blinding everyone into seeing only two polarized sides of things. Not to say my faith is not respected by my Austin bud, I just dont' like getting generalized into a group... I think something came up about the gun shooting in Duncan OK. and I mentioned that regardless of gun laws, there was still an issue at hand, that young people were bored and wanted to shoot someone in the first place, and how could communities do better in raising children etc etc...he started going off on some right ring gun law joke with his other buddy and I seriously was surprised as close as my bud and I are that he wasn't getting it. anyway!!! ugh so sad. how much you can love someone and yet feel completely misunderstood, or even that suddenly you don't even really know the person etc..  My bud does take  his "higher power" very seriously and I know he's approached a Christian faith in doing so, and so I continue to pray.....etc
I enjoy visiting Austin very much and I had a BLAST going to the two gay social functions with my bud, and also shopping on the way home,  but I plan to put it off for quite a while. just too confusing as we go our ways and I'm not even sure what really binds us anymore other than our past...I dunno..... blah
I regret not having a network of gay buds here in OKC. need to get something going. I'm definitely not moving anywhere fun soon, so I need to make best of this situation here in OKC. I do have my buddy S, but that is IT! and my lesbian friends, but I dont' really relate to any of her gay crowd anyway. bleahhhh what to do.
well I'm having a great week at school. students are showing up for class and turning things in. I am really busy when not in class just grading papers.  I bought some lamps and a table and file boxes at Ikea for my office which were all fun to install and set up.  I'll have to post a photo of the shopping haul later. I'm going shopping again this next weekend here in OKC at the outlet mall on I40 for more work clothes after this Frdiay payday! ha

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Anonymous said...

I have a couple of sugguestions for you concerning your Austin buddy.
When we get sober-we chane. We try to get rid of people
, places and things that might make us pick up. That includes well meaning friends as well as friends and family still in denial. We are not the same. The stinking thinking is gone. I might sugg. you go to Ala-non meeting for family and friends or read our 12 steps.