Wednesday, August 07, 2013

back to life, back to reality

Good morning from OKC!  I got in last night about 9. which is strange because we left St. Charles at 730am..   T was giving directions and I was driving since it was so early....and I was not told the right highway after we took 364 to 270 and then exit 55 south......  what happened is we ended up almost to Memphis before she told me we should be on 44 to springfield... OOPS.....SUUUUUUUUCCCKED.
ha ha.  I had ALL these plans of getting home by 430 and going to work out, swim, come home and mow!!
but nope, we had to turn on hiway 60 and go west to Springfield which added another 3 or more hours to the trip. but hey, we got to see parts of MO we'd never planned to before. :)  drove through Dexter and Poplar Bluff and hit 44 again in Springfield going south back to in around 5 and then I stopped by a few friends place to make a sandwich at the first place, and then quick hello to my bf J and his family on the way out of town... so I arrived late and completely wiped out and unpacked the truck and watered some things in pots outside then to bed!
I had a message from my friend in town, A, about a moving job this morning this morning and THANKFULLY she said Thursday morning instead was okay.. whew...
I start my new job today!! 9am I'll be reporting for duty, new faculty training all week 9-5 according to schedule, and then next week we report all week for general back to school faculty meetings and then "work week".  I'll be rearranging my two syllabi for COMP I and COMP II, to divide the COMP I class to a 2 class a week course, and the COMP II into a 3 class a week course.
as usual I look forward to see who is in my classes, since it's during the day classes, I'll probably have less older adults since they all work during the day, and mainly college age kids, but you never know, it's usually a mix.
I can't WAIT to get home from work today and get the house picked up and things in place, and get a swim in and a work out. man I've been off a week and feel my body shrinking!! ha  i ws going to change my job status today on a social network to announce about the new job, but I'm torn between waiting to take a picture of me in front of my office door with my name on it with the caption, the professor is in! ha


Mike said...

Love taking the wrong road sometimes!

Good luck at work!!!

Mark Gaulding said...

Can't wait to hear how new job is going! Starting a job is always such a mixed bag of great and awful.