Sunday, August 25, 2013

Austin fun...

well there were no gay bar visits here in Austin this weekend. ha! but seeing as how I started this blog in 2006 around the time I was getting through with grad school and now it's 7 years later..... I'm pretty much not going to bars so much anymore, plus the internet and all etc... been there and done all that I guess you could say.  But what I lack to my social life in smaller OKC is a gay social scene, where you get invited to functions and meet what/who shows up
Yesterday my buddy and I got up late and took his dog to the dog park at Barton springs. the part on the other side of the fence from the pay and swim part. well anyway always lot of people and their dogs there and ALWAYS cute guys. we were not disappointed yesterday to see this smooth skinned dark haired muscle stud, sort of the body of a baseball player but a little thicker and worked out. his butt was perfectly square and not too bubble round just solid and nice.  a bit of long 80's euro hair going jjust past his ears and swept back.  crazy smile and just kept standing there as if posing but really that's just him standing there. so we kept throwing rocks in the water for my bud's dog to get and we'd kid around about this other guy and of course tons of other people there and dogs, it was a busy Sat morn after all and hot out.
we got back and relaxed a bit and then headed over to pool party at the gay couple's house right off of Barton Springs road south of down town. right up on a hill with a glorious view and trees and a little pool area out back.  They had invited all their friend over, sort of a bunch of guys like me who are going out as much anymore, most of them coupled up and everyone fit and worked out! ugh.. ha
My buddy had a friend of his meet us there, another guy in recovery, A, who is this muscled out tattooed bald hot latin guy with bulging arms and pecs and etc... anyway you get the picture, he's a pretty serious and quiet guy and doesn't say much , so any word or ear I got from him was treasured.. ha ha, all the while of course giving off my cool whatever dude seriously I'm not falling all over you like you're probably used to guys doing -vibe. ha  i was also introduced to lot of my austin bud's friend there and chit chatted with many finding out what guys he's known since they were all yound and new in town and clubbing around and partying about, to the guys who were maybe more new to town etc.. we were there for a while.
anyway, came home, napped about lounged around. got ready for dinner at 7 and went to this pizza place on Congress called home slice pizza. then by 900 we were at the bowling alley for a fundraiser event for all the lamda chapter groups of gay recovery groups.. something like that. so lots of fun, while my austin bud's team bowled I pretty much talked the whole time to this guy I met a few summers ago while here, a guy named J who I'd hooked up with briefly while my austin bud went somewhere, i don't remember, but anyway, he's still pretty hot and cool and we discussed my new job and how he's been wanting to get an adjunct job..etc.
breakfast done now and I'm about to hit the road. stopping by Ikea as it opens and then on my way home 6 hour drive. hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend.

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