Saturday, July 27, 2013

weekend update

Hello from minneapolis! had a great weekend here. arriving Thursday and doing all the convention meetings, and then afterward I took a hotel shuttle to the Mall of America to get some dinner and check it out.  pretty nice big place, but not NYC. ha  there was one store I wanted to check out called "moods of Norway" but it hadn't opened yet.  I WILL say most definitely of you go by the Paciugo gelato place, you HAVE to try the Green Tea Crunchy Chocolate Swirl!!! oh man!!
well I got back to the hotel in time to get an invite from a college friend, a girl I'd seen last time I was in Austin actually. anyway she texted me saying she was out with a bunch of blonds and to come meet her out for drinks! ha. so I headed over to the Swedish Institute to join 'em for a while at the Castle and Cocktail function going on there, just hung out checking out the crowd and chit chatting with people she knew. ha was fun and I got back to the hotel early enough to CRASH, had been a long day.
yesterday was filled up with a bunch of garden tours and then I skipped out on the banquet dinner. A former student from Central America who lives here with his wife came over and picked me up and took me out to dinner downtown and drove me all around both sides of the river and we walked around the sculpture gardens where they have the big spoon etc.. then he drove me back to the hotel all around some lake and then south on France street back to Bloomington Double Tree.
today was touring gardens all day, I'm about to go to a meeting, and then tonight a banquet blah blah... I am trying to hit up someone for a ride to the airport early because my flight leaves at 6am and the hotel shuttles don't even start til 6am! sucks!! so otherwise it'd be an extra $35 for a taxi from here. UGHHH....
hope everyone is enjoying summer , it's been nice a cool up north here this weekend a good break from the Oklahoma heat. :)

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