Wednesday, July 24, 2013

weekend about to start up.

had my last class today, went well enough, every body had to tell the class what their "stand" was in the last argument paper and how they backed it up and what was the opposing point of view.  We got into some good discussions on some of 'em, like death penalty for juveniles, cell phone use in schools, gun ownership, recycling (which wasn't a great argument topic but whatever) and one guy's paper was about electronic dance music, or EMD, which he kept referring throughout the paper as EMD and drove me crazy. His argument was about how it was an art form.. blah blah. He's a great guy and I guess some kind of DJ, but I told him my opinion was that this wasn't anything new and it seemed to be rehashing of the synth of 80's and 90's techno etc.. ha. but anyway I actually burned a CD this morning of some electronic stuff on my itunes like discovery, delphic, Metronomy, and classic pet shop boys remixes, and one song by EBTG, and others.
while everyone was finishing the final in class essay assessment, I was grading and putting them into the computer as they finished so i could get all the grades in and turned in leave in time to get back to my side of the city and swim laps before lap swim was over at 2pm. many students said they enjoyed my class in their papers and a handful or more said they'd try and take my comp II class.
I swam, ate lunch, relaxed and got stuff out to pack for the trip. went to the gym and worked out my back and shoulders. my "bud" was up there working arms today and swinging it around inside his shorts as usual, I'm not sure he's aware or not, but I guess when you're hung you dont' care anyway, I don't. ha
tonight I got my bag all packed and ready to go in the morning with my cameras and stuff and cash stuffed into my computer case.  the carryone is packed with outfits for days and nights including a few pants and longsleeve shirt options since it will be cooler than here in OKC.  (Minneapolis) I am bringing 4 pairs of shoes not counting what I'm wearing on the plane, which seems ridiculous but its a whole outfit thing. I feel pretty gay like those guys in "best in show" who change for each part of the dog show into different outfits. but anyway, it was really that I planned for something to wear in case it was cooler blah blah..and rain, I'm bringing my Kway jacket in case.  I have this square woven plastic zip up bag that I always bring folded flat in my carryon bag.  that was, if they make me check the bag at the gate, I can throw it inside this big plastic bag and zip it which protects my carryon bag. I've done that twice when I used to travel way back ... ha
so anyway I'm up late posting this instead of crashing and sleeping because I can never sleep very soundly anyway before a flight. I kind of wake up throughout the night looking at the clock and wondering is it 4 yet...  I should be up at 4. throw the instant oatmeal in the microwave, get dressed, shove mouthguard that I sleep with in my carryon, eat breakfast, get out the door by 430 and get to the airport around 450 and get inside and to the gate. my flight isn't until 550am so as long as I'm there by 5 and to the gate by 530 I'm okay. they seem to just board and go early in the morning here, smaller airport okc.etc..
hopefully I won't have a flat in the morning. my low tire pressure light came on when I came back home from the gym tonight, and I saw that my back tire is indeed low but not flat. anyway, if I drove on a nail or something, I'm jsut hoping that there will still be enough air in there in the morning to get to the airport. if not I'll put the spare on and take care of it when I get back home.  don't you just love being so INDEPENDENT? ha think I'll try to ZZZZZZzzzz now....


j.lee said...

Have a safe trip! I hope the good kind of trouble finds you.

rugbysex said...

ah, the trials and tribulations of being endowed w/ a tree trunk. lol.