Monday, July 15, 2013

summer rolls on.....

had a great weekend, mainly i was grading papers all weekend to hand back today.  Saturday I took a break and went over to bruce and mike's house with my buddy S and his bf to swim in their pool. I went and swam laps at the gym and had lunch at home first, then went over.  got some sun and chilled and chatted it up with everbody.  yesterday it rained and rained all day, glorious rain, I loved it since last two summers we had none and over 100 all July and Aug. woo hoo. 75 today!  rained all morning here too. loved it.
I watched a pretty interesting documentary last night on netflix called How to Make a Book With Steidl.  It was a nice film following the publisher back forth from Germany to the USA east and west coast meeting artists and giving insight in how to publish their books. oh yeah he also went to Qatar and back. very interesting although slow going and basically just a camera following him and then editing down to a film, but it was perfect for stuck inside on a rainy day....just love random flicks like that, I think I'm going to watch Pianomania and How Much Does your Building Weigh Mr. Foster? next...I'm free of any grading papers until the last one is due next Monday.
swam laps before lunch today and will go back later to work out chest before dinner. oh yeah, This morning before work I had a meeting with the personnel office about my benefits. So they use Aetna instead of Health Choice and Delta Dental instead of Healthchoice. So all that will switch at the new job. I'm taking care of the 403b plan at some later time, I can either rollover my old one with American Fidelity or maybe I'll just leave it and start a new one with whatever they use.  One very cool thing I found out is they have a tuition reimbursement program which is muy interesante!!! and as I understand it, and I will reserach it more, but they will pay up to 12 credit hours a semester including OU and UCO etc!!! This could possibly be a push for me to go back to school for a doctorate, I'm going to consider and investigate further. It would take me a couple years to get it all lined up anyway, what with getting accepted first into the college, choosing to go for Education doctorate or English etc... plus I'd want to do the college job fulltime for a year or two anyway before trying to take classes. but it's definitely pretty cool the possibilities.... :)
I have a birthday coming up this next weekend, but I'm more excited about the weekend after that. I'll be going up to Minneapolis Minnesota for a thurs-Sunday weekend, it's for a gardening convention of sorts.  So give me some suggestions of something gay to do while there maybe. ha or jsut anywhere fun to stop in and eat or check out.  I'll probably rent a car to get around in Thurs, Fri nights.  I also have a cousin that lives there and plan to see him and his wife and kids at some point.
after I get back from Minnesota, the next day I'll drive up to AR and then leave on Tuesday on a road trip to Lansing Michigan. ha... I'm riding up with my ex gf T to help her bring back some furniture in her car.   we'll be gone for a week and will overnight on the way up and back in St. Louis with her aunt and uncle.  Maybe stop off in Chicago to see a college friend, I'm pretty excited as I've never driven up that way or been to those places before. and it's all free. ha
I start my new job the day after I get back for new teacher training.  so basically the next two weeks to get stuff done around here, then travel all over and then WORK and summer is over. let it roll on for now though. cheers....

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Anonymous said...

Hi - just a lurker. It's been a while since I've lived in the Mpls area, but I think these are some things you could check out.

For your primary goal, the Gay 90's would probably be something to hit up. It's probably one of the more famous places. Nicollet Mall area should be nearby, and there's always something around there to just wander around.

There are also a bunch of trails near the Mississippi River that you can walk on - you'll get to pass by the Stone Arch Bridge, and some other historic landmarks. Since part of the trails run by the University of Minnesota, you can stop by Stadium Village or Dinkytown. If you go by Dinkytown - you gotta stop by Annie's Parlour and get one of their malts. I recommend their burgers too - I was always a fan of the Riverside. If it's still around, also check out Loring Pasta Bar.

Lake Calhoun in the Uptown area (which is south of downtown) is a great place to take a walk around (I also think this is where rollerblade history started). If you get tired of walking around Lake Calhoun and the Lake of the Isles, you can check out Uptown nearby it - there are some smaller independent shops and the indie movie theater. Plus you should check out Sebastian Joe's and their homemade ice cream.