Wednesday, July 31, 2013

road trip '13

good morning from St. Louis!
drove in last night around 7 from AR with the ex gf.. I had an awesome time in Minneapolis last weekend btw. got home Sunday and chilled for a day and more until driving up to AR Monday night.  had a great time yesterday morning hanging out with my friend's two boys all morning and running an errand in town and stopping by to say hi to a few college buds and even had time to drive by two of the houses I lived in during college before getting back for breakfast. ha  after hanging out with my friend and the kids all morning I got over to T's house and packed up her car with our stuff for the trip.
we stopped off at a favorite lunch place in town first, and wouldn't ya know it I run into my best bud J, who I hadn't planned on seeing because of schedule and gave him a hug etc... another great moment was a college friend from town who lives in Munich now just happened to be in town visiting. he actually dated T a few times, well anyway we all caught up and talked and delayed out getting out of town, but well worth it. he was in there with a former college roomie of mine K, and two other guys from the area I hadn't seen since college days.  that was so random and awesome. only in a small town! ha
well T and I talked and conversed the whole way up here yesterday, and listened to some music and made pit stops when needed. I found out and learned a lot more about her than I had before about some of the guys she dated in college and what all she'd experienced with guys at that time.  I guess I never realized the amount of fooling around going on in college, I swear I grew up so naive about how far couples went before having sex at a Christian college, and of course many did. but still I just hadn't realized some of that stuff... eye opening and frank talk. I discussed the same about the girl I dated in college. and explained a little about guys but she doesn't really want to hear that, and as a guy we ALWAYS want to talk about sex stuff so I have to radar myself. anyway we arrived and stayed the night here at her uncle and aunt's house in St Charles, it's actually the street exactly where the tornado touched down May 31st!
Not sure if I mentioned this lady from Canada that I sat next to on the bus last weekend in Minneapolis.  She was pretty funny, a retired teacher, well anyway, i was making a sort of joke about how when I taught in Central America, we would always jokingly say if you had a question about American history, a president, or state capitol, that you should ask one of the Canadian teachers we worked with, because the Americans ( a bad term for US citizens as well since Canada is also America) didn't always remember or know!!  She really didn't think it was that funny. ha but she did say how they learned ALL that stuff in school and how weird it was nothing was taught about Canada much in the US and true even American history we're not always that sharp on...  She then asked me if I could name the provinces, and I said aren't there like 4 or 5 big ones? NO! ten! ha ha. so we laughed about it and then she taught me the names of all ten. I'd heard them before, just couldn't name them off.  I can now, I even practiced in the car yesterday with T.
well this morning we are headed off to Detroit, maybe lunching on the way in Chicago. should be a fun stop. have I mentioned I've never been this far east before on the road? excited to see the city and Arch as we drive through this morning, and Chicago and then getting up into Michigan. We're arriving to a place NW of Detroit to meet her parents and an aunt and uncle for dinner. looking forward to it. :)


Curt said...

Are you just driving thru Chicago? Lollapalooza starts Friday so the downtown will be largely blocked off, but if you are just driving around town on the expressways to MI then it shouldn't be any worse than it usually is.

rugbysex said...

LOVE road trips. be safe and HAVE FUN!