Sunday, July 21, 2013

cant wait to get paid end of Augst! :)

Mark, thanks for the comment on the banner pics.  the one with the animals on the wall, I think that pic comes from an underpass walkway in Dakar Senegal from my travails years ago. :)  I love to photolog public art when I'm in new places.  No one ever commented on the baby spider monkey last week, I may have to put it back up there again. ha.
mango, I bought the tie and boardshorts at an online place called  lots of cheap stuff at cheap prices. it's one of those places you have to log into and then you get a bunch of emails on sales and specials, sort of annoying but I don't mind shopping those sites now and then just for something different than mall and big chain stores.
Drew, that's cool you were in the same house. but I don't want to sound like too much of a frat boy. I pledged second semester and then because of grades, my folks didn't send me back the next fall when I would have been initiated. still had a great experience as a pledge overall.  I ended up doing a few years of junior college after that until I left to an out of state private Christian college.
anon, thanks for the ideas about minneapolis, it turns out I might be busy the entire I'm there with the convention but I'm hoping for one night to get out and maybe check out the bar....we'll see.

not much going on here in okc... I had a great birthday weekend ...lots of fun. Thursday did a whole lot of nothing all day other than trips to the gym to swim laps and/or work out.  Friday night I me up with my vet friend for a yogurt date but we ended up jsut coming back to my place and hanging out and talking forever. then I met my bud S at a gay bar in town. he had a gay couple staying the night from AR until they flew out the next I met him and the other 2 guys up there at a bar, and they had a drag show.  Drag shows can be kind of fun but this particular one was a little too raunchy for my taste. I had quite a time checking out the crowd and eyeing down a few guys that were hotties. one guy was with his boyfriend and I still stared at him a bit and felt like his bf started to look a little pissy after a while. ha. I had my super tight Postal Service tshirt on, which is my sort of "lucky shirt" if you know what I mean. ha ha.
Anyway, I didn't stay out long and got home in bed by 12 since I had a moving furniture job on Saturday morning at 615am with my friend A.  did that the next morning then home for breakfast and then to a funeral.  A told me that morning about a high school friend of ours whose husband dies of a hear attack. our friend married a quite older man but still he was like early 50's and a runner. so very sudden. anyway. so i went to the funeral at 10. and sat by one other person I knew from Highschool.  was an okay funeral. I was only there in support of my friend and didnt' really know her husband, and plus I always think it's a bit awkward when the peoplel didn't go to the church and then the pastor doing the servie doesn't really know the person and just says general things about death and what the family may be feeling or may want to remember etc...blah.
the rest of the day I hung out watching tv, youtube, and picking up and doing nothing really. ha until I went to my folks' place by 5ish for a lasagna dinner and chocolate pound cake. YUM 2 of my sisters came over too and we talked forever etc etc..
well this rest of this week will be super busy for me. my students turn in their last paper tomorrow. so I'll have to grade 20 papers between tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday morning. then get my grades in and class is OVER. fly out to MINNEAPOLIS thursday mroning and will be gone all weekend.
hope everybody had a great weekend. cheers for checking out the blog. 


rugbysex said...

hope those were board SHORTS and not those disgusting boardies! ;)

drew said...

Dan, since you show pics of speedo's quite often you ought to try those!!

Mike said...

How is jackthreads? I see ads for them all the time.
I just went crazy on and found lots of cool stuff for cheap. May post on it.

rugbysex said...

save your breath drew...when it comes to speedos the professor is a lost cause. hahaha!
p.s. but i sure do appreciate when he posts pix of speedos. :)