Sunday, July 07, 2013

awesome times....

excellent weekend here back in college town! Friday I slept in and got up eventually to enjoy some breakfast and then hanging out the younger kid who is FAS and entertaining him and flipping channels til his mom got up. dad was alreaady at work and older brother still out at the camping place. anyway, so I chilled around all morning doing not much, just right, then friday afternoon I got a call from my buddy Jf that he was home from work around 1230. so I drove over there to see if he wanted a sandwich from this place in town where we all went in college, saw his girls and wife as they were getting ready to go for swimming lessons, and then left for the lunch, brought food back to his place and we enjoyed lunch while his youngest kid, the boy, was taking a nap.  hung out all afternoon catching up and discussing life/jobs/plans/church/politics/economy and such. ha  I also put a bunch of plants in his front yard to add to what I started last summer while there.. 
great guy and family.
later that night I met up with some friends and the exgf at a nice restaurant in town for dinner, where she also works full time, after dinner buddy Jf met us at the bar for desert and drinks. tons more fun and lots of photo taking and posting to facebook wish tons of comments following from all the other college buds who wish they could be back in town with us etc...
Saturday got up and watch the older kid play video games and hung out with the boys til their parents got up, breakfast, then went to a former college buddy and his wife's house here in town, they were having a yard sale so I knew I could drop by.  they were thrilled and we caught up about people we  knew in college and I saw their kids and the wife who is a teacher in town and I had a conversation about how everybody seems to want to home school in this town. ha 
went to my ex gf place next, and while she was at work I put some plants in her front yard and watered them in. then back to my hosts' place here and the husband J and I went to Lowes and got some supplies then went to lunch at a very cool sandwich/coffee place downtwon where he performed with his band recentaly and where we also all hung out in college when he was in a different band. ha! anyway after that we came back to their place and put in a bunch of landscaping out front, they are trying to sell their house and have an open house next weekend.... I went inside and cooled off a bit, then back over to buddy Jf's house and played with him and his kids, then had dinner with their family. then left to the store for some cookies and icecream, and drove outisde of town to visit some missionary friends who are in town on furlough for a few months.  This is the family i went to see in Senegal during my travels in 2009.  So we caught up and I saw how much their kids have grown, and we talked all about how they want me to come back down and visit please soon. ha  and I talked all about their work there, teaching better farming ways to the locals and better ways to make charcoal that keeps forests alive and not slash/burn etc..  they live south of Dakar now.
we talked about being a missionary and why I don't go overseas again or something like that. and I talked about not praying for wife and kids anymore and just praying for wisdom. which they understand where I'm coming from.  I shared a place with the wife here in town during one of my college summers and she was only 18 and just starting to go to college, anyway so she knows ALL about my situation and is like a little sis at times. her husband also very cool. they both grew up as MK's in Africa and love what they're doing now.
so A very very nice time, slept well last night and here I am again 48 hours from my last post in the same bunk bed getting ready to get up and have some breakfast and sneak out of town and get back to OKC! :)
hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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