Friday, June 07, 2013

weekend ready.

summer is getting off to a great start. didn't do much this week with my first days off Wed and Thurs! woo hoo, had a move furniture job this morning and another tomorrow morning, I plan to go to a teacher training after that, and then a garden club thing, and then tomorrow night downtown to stand in line for an Oklahoma made film at the Deadcenter film festival. so I def gots my day all plannered up.
got the oil changed in my new truck today in prep for a trip I plan on taking next week. I have classes on Mon and Wed so on Thursday monring I'm going to drive down to Dallas for the night, then onward to Texarkana the next day stay the night Fri with a college bud, and then come back to Dallas Saturday nt. and home Sunday.  my truck's first road trip and I can take along some CD's now that I have a car with a CD player, it also has an AUX jack so I can bring along my ipod shuffle as well.
I was thinking today how there are a lot of shower videos online that I've come across now and then, and usually I' thinking, wait a minute isn't this just the guy filming himself showering?  ha ha. like some guys at the gym that are the only ones around, I wonder about that.  You can definitely tell the actual hidden cam videos, which can be amusing and hot and all that but I also feel like it's pretty much a complete invasion of privacy, poor guys... poor poor guys.... here let me.... ha j/k. anyway, have you ever noticed how a guy is showering and have it affect the next time you shower. I think it's funny from a sociological standpoint noticing how someone washes up, the order, the thoroughness, body parts covered etc... I know that's not exactly what anyone is thinking watching that sort of video ha, I just noticed everything I guess.
I made it to the gym every day this week, except today was just cardio. and I only swam twice so far because of the lightning and rain Tues morning and the move job this morning, but I hope to get daily habit going next week once I'm getting into teaching classes.
worst thing about today was the shooting in CALIFORNIA. sucks!!!  best thing about today is I found a shirt I've wanted for a while that was sold out all over the place/world online.... and I got an email from today saying the restocked. hello sweet Babar t shirt...
hope every one is getting ready for a nice weekend. bring on Saturday!

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rugbysex said...

really like the shirt! colorful and clever. :)