Tuesday, June 04, 2013

tell Tuesday...

first off, someone had asked what if a tornado had been eminent while I was at home last Friday night as the storm was heading east from El Reno to my side of town... I have a basement area under my house where the water tank is and some shelves and a sump pump for when water gets down there.  So I would have gone down there with a flashlight and my cell phone most likely... A tornado came by my house about 4 or 5 years ago, I don't' remember, it was just less than a mile and hit a church and other building north of my neighborhood here.  When that happened, I was at home watching tv until the power went out, and the tv showed the storm coming in my direction, although it wasn't  huge system like last Friday. I was on the phone      with my sister who still had power and was watching tv, and she told me it looked like on the radar it was coming quite close to my neighborhood. and when my power went out, and I looked out the door and saw the rain being blown around horizontally and felt the air pressure drop and my ears popped, I went down in the basement and waited for it to pass over, and not more than 5 or 10 minutes later, there was calm and the whole neighborhood was out on the sidewalks and their front yards looking around and seeing all the branches down and stuff. but thankfully nothing hit.
My summer break begins tomorrow, woo hoo. I'm ready for it. I think I mentioned I got called in for a second interview last THursday with the vice president and associate president of the college, and it went really well. then on Friday, it was a teacher work day and while I was "working", I answered the phone of the lady I share a room with who is also our ESL director at the high school and one of my references. the lady calling recognized my voice and said hi and that she was calling for my references... ha ha, it was funny so I joked that yes i'd give her the message to call back right away, and then she asked me to give the message to my vice principal(also a reference) and I did so as soon as I hung up! ha  from what they told me, the school is pretty sure to hire me just getting through the paper work, so it's NOT official yet but things are definitely looking up..I'm pretty excited about not going back to the high school July 28th and instead starting at the college around 3rd week of August (for new teacher training etc).  how cool, once it's official I'l carry on a bit more about it.
so anyway, yesterday and today I had paid teacher training sessions. but tomorrow ZZZZZ I can sleep in as long as I'd like and get up and go swim laps at the gym and then breakfast and tv SUMMER begun!
I'm starting back up with my early morning summer swims. really going to be hitting the exercise and workouts before July 4th. My Austin bud invited me to a cabin at Grand Lake up north of Tulsa for July 4th weekend. woo hoo. if there is one thing I LOVE is the LAKE and BOATS.  I guess since I grew up in a family that would get out to Cedar Lake west of OKC every summer with my parents and all us 5 kids and we'd swim and ski and get out in the boat or paddle boat or fish off the dock. my grandparents had a cabin out there so I have tons of memories definitely!  so anyway, the July 4th trip gives me something to plan forward to and a goal to keep in shape!
I had a moving job last night with my hischool bud and we'll do another Thursday morning.  either tomorrow afternoon or maybe after the move job Thrusday I plan to get out to a neighborhood near El Reno to help with cleanup. bout time!
oh yeah, and the nasty photo above is a large grub worm I came across today, gross what is it!?!?  haha


drew said...

Thanks for answering the question. I hope everything works out with your new position. Tornados are very concerning to me. I have been in the insurance business for over 35 years. I am very familiar with those types of clams... Hurricanes are brutal but you can elect to leave..

Rex said...

Good luck with the job.