Saturday, June 08, 2013

otro sabado

ha, this guy is crazy, and I apologize for all the 4 letter words, maybe he's tying to pull off a jersy shore thing, and what's up with the headgear?. ha I dunno but still the guy had some funny things to say.  There are definitely some social norms and rules to consider at the gym.  I'm not that shy myself at the gym unless I know some gross guy is staring at me, in which case I turn facing the locker and dress up. and I'm always the shirt off first, pants, underwear,shorts, shirt and vice versa when changing. but at the gym after my morning swims I grab my swimsuit after showering and soaping off the chlorine from the pool. I throw a towel around my waist and walk back out to the lockeroom over the machine that spins to drain your swimsuit. after that I stand at the mirror next to it and I like to grab the hairdryer while I'm toweling off with the other hand and sort of blow dry myself he and there, so no not modest. but then again usually no one is around in the mornings maybe ONE or two people tops while I'm getting dressed to head back home.
now if you want to talk about pet peeves on the gym floor, it's DEFINITELY talking on the cell phone on the floor, OR even just sitting there at a bench forever texting or looking down at your phone. annoying.  guys you should take a break and get away from the world and just get into your workout ZONE.  put on the music to jam with headphones and that's that! ha  another pet peeve of course is leaving weights anywhere, the 95 and up dumbbells in the way on the floor, or loading up a bar and never coming back. lame!  dropping weights is not far behind, if you cant lift it without letting it pound down into the floor, don't left that much weight or get a friend to spot, otherwise you're really just showing off and coming off as a jerk.
I guess those are my top ones, followed by the guys that bring a girlfriend for whatever reason I don't know and the girl is acting all stupid and airheady and the guy starts to realize, he's NOT going to get a regular work out with her along.  lame again...and everyone on the floor is like, get her out of here and out of the way.
other than that, just keep any sweat wiped off when possible and if you have buds working out with you don't sit on a bench that neither of you are using while talking and watching the other work out, somebody might need the bench etc...
I survived my long Saturday, worked, got some teacher training, club meeting, and then some movies this evening at the Deadcenter Film Fest. good ole okc! 

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rugbysex said...

sorry...guy's a total asshole. :)