Wednesday, June 12, 2013

midweek log in..

still enjoying a great kick off to summer here... I got back to classes Mon and today. I have a real good mix of people in the class. mainly college age kids a few older married types. good okc type students not so rich and not so poor. And they're not completely silent like my last class was. ughhh.
There was one student Monday who lacked quite a bit in his writing after we did the initial assessment essay. this is done the first day of class so I can get a sample of writing and make sure they're not in the wrong class. for example this guy who had really basic writing with a lot of misspelling and tense problems and spelling I with i.  anyway, turns out he had failed writing II which is required for people coming in with low skills or scores etc etc.. so I was preparing to meet him before class and tell him to transfer out and taking the writing course again as a prerequisite... but lo and behold, he never came to class and his name was off my role so he had dropped already. whoosh...
speaking of Michael Phelps.. ha ... I've been swimming every morning so far this week. and going to gym in the afternoons ... so heck yeah keeping active.. have I ever mentioned before that when I'm swimming laps in the morning my imagination runs sometimes and I think about what if I was a kid who lived on an island and I had to swim to school every morning, and like this morning I was swimming some extra laps and imagining that I'd forgotten something at home and had to swim back before going to school. ha I know it sounds crazy but whatever works to motivate.  sort of like when I'm walking or running on the treadmill, I think I've mentioned it before, but I imagine my body is like a puppet hanging from a string right through my center, and that makes me stand up straight as possible while on the treadmill. 
well anyway, lot of swimming this week and I plan to continue tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon I'm taking the new truck down to Dallas for a road trip. staying the night with my bud Randy down there, and then Friday night going over to Texarkana, and then Saturday night back to Dallas, then home Sunday.yee haw, that's what summer is for, some time off and getting out of town now and then.
hope everyone is enjoying the week. :)

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rugbysex said...

guess i need to get to confession cuz i'm coveting ur swimming. way to go professor. there's something wonderful how ur mind wanders when ur swimming laps. gosh, i really miss that. good for you!!