Friday, June 28, 2013

last week of June doing well.......

wanted to thank you guys for the kind regards. I am excited for my new job and this will be the first time in a while that I am actually not dreading going back to work in the fall..  I will be glad to and curious to see how I handle doing 5 classes a semester, the most I've done is 4 which was my first year back from kabbull when I was part time at the college.  Having done a semester of 4 classes though already gave me an idea of the job and I know I really enjoyed that semester. I am looking forward to being on campus as a full time faculty and not just a part timer.  still one more month of my summer class, which is not bad at all since it's only on Mon and Wednesdays.  I am saving up all the extra cash from that to offset no salary pay the month of August between jobs.
Busy week! I've been swimming laps every morning and then yesterday I swam some laps after my workout, actually i went to the grocery store first then back to gym for laps then home since the pool didn't open for laps til 645.  this afternoon I plan to work out and then do just a few laps since it opens for lap swim earlier on Fridays... I have a moving furniture job tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow night I'm going to, .......don't laugh,  Back street boys, NKOTB, and Boys 2 Men in concert in OKC!!! ha ha  only because a friend won tickets in his work raffle and invited me, and I figure, heck free tickets, why not?!
I just got back from the grocery store this morning buying concert tickets of my own, a much more serious show! can you guess? it's VAMPIRE WEEKEND coming to OKLAHOMA!!! woo hoo. actually they will be in Tulsa but I'm going! I got 2 tickets and will take my ex-gf with me who lives in AR.  It will be a blast because I love all their albums. can't wait for my Vampire Weekend weekend in Oct!!
get a load of this, this morning I was out walking around after getting back from swimming laps and this kid is walking across the street at the intersection where my house is, barefoot, shirtless, nose ring going in one nostril and the other, holding his jeans up as he walking, some sort of dirt marks on his back like he was sleeping on the ground? anyway, he is walking down the street which is the side of my lot, I sort of just watch him from the front of my yard and then he gets near my carport and walks up across under the carport to try the handle of my pickup to see if its locked!! jerk!! then he just keeps moseying along his way.. I was so stunned I stood there like what to I do shout, kick his ass, cuss him out? etcc... ha ha, but that's not really my nature I just walked over to my pickup and then looked back down the street where he's already turned onto another and then was thinking what the HECK! jerk, glad I keep my truck locked. I mean I figure I know at night and all but at 7am morning daylight?  anyway, I kept doing stuff outside and came in later for breakfast and then thought about calling the police, but when I got around to it, he said well I can send some over to file a report but next time that happens call us right away so we can come right over and find the guy etc...   yeah that made sense.  I was so surprised I just didn't know what to think at the time. ha lame! I know. 
 hope everyone is ready for a great weekend. summer is HERE!  I will be in ARkansas for july 5th weekend, and then Minneapolis the July 25th weekend.  I think the first week of August I'm doing a road trip to Michigan with the ex gf, and then job starts back for new faculty the 7th of AUG! bring it.


Mike said...

Congratulations on the new job!!! Very cool!!! That's crazy!!!

d said...

Congratulations on the new job and staying fit. Vampire Weekend is going to be a good show; they sound amazing in concert. Saw them when they first emerged into the US radios. Check out Bastille and the 1975. What do you think of the Supreme Court decision on DOMA? Curious to know of your opinion. Since DOMA was reversed, CA Prop 8 was "reversed" and many couples are getting married. This weekend Pride Parade and activities will be crazy jammed pack.