Friday, June 14, 2013

hello from big D....

yesterday I waited around a bit before heading out of town. I was waiting for some speakers to arrive and other things.  First on my mind was the print tshirt I'm been going on about for a while which I wanted to wear around Dallas, well it never arrived and I called and they said probably today or tomrrow it will arrice. dang it, had the outfit all planned out for THIS trip, ah well no big deal.   I DID receive the computer speakers I orderd off of amazon, Altec Lansing brand that replaced an older set I had from Best Buy that when i went to buy new ones a couple weeks ago, they quit carrying anything close to what I wanted.  I bought a cheaper set that sounded awful, so I took them back and then found the Atec ones online.  They arrived yesterday! also a few plants came in the mail that I didn't want to leave on the porch while I was gone all weekend. 
I also went and had my favorite pizza lunch in town since I will be gone all weekend. then jsut ook my time waiting for the mail and getting stuff in the yard ready. My bud Randy here in Dallas got a new house about a month ago, so I wanted to bring down a lot of plants as a housewarming, a Nandina, Arkansas Amsonia, and 3 starters from seed of Castor bean plant.  also a bunch of flower bulbs I dug up and we're going to put in pots today.  He and I share an interest in landscaping.
anyway, I got on the road by 3pm and listend to NPR radio news all the way down. arrived around 6 about the time they were leaving to see his kid sing at a church thing, so I drove around a bit and found a place to eat a sandwich and then a grocery store to buy some milk for breakfast this morning.
His kids went  home with his ex wife after the thing, so I got to hang out with R and his husband the rest of the evening just talking away and catching up, it was awesome. they showed me all over their new place and the backyard and discussed plans for this or that.  later we watched an episode of the Walking Dead. which I'd only heard of before and have never seen, so I got all updated while we watched a season 3 episode 2. whoah. ha
looking forward to this morning and going out to Dallas, stopping off at a YMCA for a swim, and then off to discover what I can find, bit of shopping at NorthHaven nursery and maybe northpark mall or Mocking bird station, dunno, and then on my way to Texarkana.
hope you guys are all getting ready for a fun summer weekend. cheers

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rugbysex said...

am i right that this was ur first road trip w/ the new wheels? hope you loving the ride. :)