Sunday, June 09, 2013

gym sunday

back from the gym and finally saw my former gym buddy crush there. been a month or more, he was busy getting school finished up and I wasn't going regularly either there for a while and so anyway, today we caught up... he's taking some summer classes and I told him I was teaching a summer class, and then we got in this big conversation about how much money I made and how he thought it was a lot and I told him no it wasn't a lot really. ha ha, we had way different perspectives. I thought it was nice that he's working an extra mow lawns job this summer to help pay his grandma back for the laptop she got him last semester..
but wouldn't you rather hear about his shorts, man it's distracting and I'm not even turned on by this guy anymore now that I've gotten to know him, but since I have a habit of noticing such thing, I can't help notice his long flimsy basketball gymshorts  with his bulge today right up in front all neatly packed into briefs I'm guessin, usually he's flopping around in boxer briefs or something I guess. but today just a right out in front and center... I think having larger legs helps push it all forward, I need to remember that and get my legs worked out and bigger! ha anyway, the guy definitely has gotten a few freshman 10 pounds and I can tell he's wanting to keep working out and doing abs as much as he can no matter how nice his arms and chest and butt look... ah well. best of luck to him, meanwhile, keep wearing those shorts, but I wonder how oblivious he  is to it or if he thinks it just normal for guys in his hung situation, feel sorry for him with the stutter and no parents,and living with a grandma who raised him, but at least he's well fed. :)
oh yeah, we walked out together and I talked about my new truck and my old truck and I took a look at his Ford Ranger cab edge, which I think was an '04 maybe and discussed how the lever to the back bed was not working on both of our trucks etc etc all good.
getting ready to mow the backyard now and then some dinner. next prep a little for class starting tomorrow. what to wear what to wear... ;). hope everyone's having a good weekend.
before I say feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions, I better answer one that I keep forgetting to respond to.  Do I think schools should have safe rooms from Tornadoes required in them?  no I don't.
Tornadoes are too random and randomly timed etc etc I also do not believe in putting a security guy with a gun in every school either. of course those aren't related at all. back to the Tornado safe room,  you could require a building code for new schools that are built to have them, which may already exist, but older schools wouldnt' be able to afford that and money spent on that should go to so many other things to improve schools than a safe room. I mean it was really sad what happened to the elementary school in Moore, but on the other hand, I hate a system of governement that is constantly reactive and not proactive... in the case of Tornadoes, its a freaky natural occuring event, there is no guarantee another tornado will ever touch down again in Moore, or it could be next year, or 5 or 10 or whatever, but how you going to protext yourself ultimately from natural disasters, I guess what I'm thinking is if you are going to use tax dollars to build a huge wall to protect a city from a hurricane and flood, well then start building a protective dome over my city with that money to protect from tornadoes.
on the side of a protective gun guy in a school, that is also reactive and a dumb plan... stuff like that just lets our country slip down a slope of worse and worse change without getting to what's causing the problem, it really starts with community and that's where churches and govt have failed the most, giving support and care for the benefit of all.. and it takes working together, but in a country where you have the personal freedom/right to do anything everything you want privately and can do so without a care in the world for anyone else, who's going to care about the mentally disordered or anti social or abused sort . It's like a comment I saw the other day on a social network: We are a prison nation! what is your church or govt doing about it???  that doesn't mean the prisoners, but it means the families the poor the hopeless that need something before falling down that path in the first place... family support? community support? social support? I dunno , I guess a balance between a  free for all point of view and a the view that everyone's got the chance to better themselves why should I care about the other guy?  proactive people!!! community!!!!  working together!!! not this bi partisan limbo crap we've been stuck in that's for sure. okay, just thoughts. I know I'm a hopeless eternal optimist.... constantly believing there's SOME way for everything to work and everybody to get along... sigh.....cheers.


xavi said...

I heard many times about the outrageous proportion of imprisoned people in the states, but you compare that with the low criminality rate... so, are they related?
Here in Argentina, in the last 10 years the overall economy has improved a lot (poverty, unemployment have been reduced a lot -but far from be eliminated)... besides that great news, criminality has not come down...
In the same way, Spain (one example) is in big trouble, lots of unemployment and poverty is going up recently... but criminality has not gone up... so there seems to be a negative correlation here.
so, i am really curious on what is allowing Spain to still be a safe place even though economy downturns...? education ? values? a "safe net" that allows to stay alive when bad times happen? how does that map into similar lower criminality rates in the US (and the still high ones in Argentin, for example)?

great blog...

rugbysex said...

i have nothing clever nor insightful to add except to say how much i enjoy it when you express your opinions. keep 'em coming professor.

Anonymous said...

I don't do political.
First, go hide lawnmower in garage. 2. invite hot gym buddy over to mow lawn. help him pay off oan to granny. 3. talk about your truck lever maybe he will fix it. offer him cold beer. hope it is hot so he will take shirt off.
If you are too shy for this go to computer and order hot tee from jack

Buddy Bear said...

"I'm not even turned on by this guy anymore".... If you keep telling that to yourself, you might even believe it. LOL