Wednesday, May 22, 2013

zoom or zonk

Since Monday night, it's been non-stop news here in OKC about the destruction in Moore. Everything is up and running in OKC as usual, the highway I-35 is open with people able to drive north and south. power and phone lines still down in Moore of course and some cell phone towers... They've pretty much pulled everyone out of any blocked storm shelters, there are a handful of people and kids still in critical condition in hospitals and I think I heard on the radio today about 6 people still missing. That's the most sad thing to be missing, I can't help but imagine someone being thrown into a field or remote place not to be found until who knows when. :(
 One unusual thing is the fact that the water processing plant at lake Draper was affected so when I went back to school Tuesday, there was some concern about the low water 2nd hour they made an announcement for students to check themselves out and go home if they were 18, and those with cell phones to call a parent to come get them...etc etc... so by lunch time we only had 80 students left, and we had a teacher meeting to say just work the rest of the day in our rooms or if we went home we'd have to take a half day personal leave...I got a LOT of things graded and done in my room. Tuesday watched more tv and recovery news, hard not to watch it actually. I posted on facebook if any of my friends knows a displaced person in need of a place to stay to get in touch with me, since I have an extra room here in my place, although small I'm willing. No takers yet, but we'll see. a teacher I work with is heading up a food kitchen this Saturday so i might try and go help her out Saturday afternoon.
 Right now I'm just ready to get this week over with, mostly my interview tomorrow. the day has finally come, I've got stuff all ironed up and ready to bring to work tomorrow. after lunch I will change into the shirt and tie and go over to the college for my 1:30 interview. gulp! really hoping to get this one. we shall see! :)
the rest of the week is crazy from here on out, after the interview, I have to be back at the high shcool by 5 for a pre graduation thing and then go to graduation. Another teacher and I are the ones who read names. I read the English names and she reads the Spanish ones (same as last year, I may have blogged about it last year already). Friday is a crazy ZOO fieldtrip with all our first year kids... and then Friday night I have a garden club meeting. Then Saturday is a sheltered instruction training session, etc etc. you get the picture, my ex gf arrives Sunday for a few days, so that will be some fun too. ltos of things going on, I'm about to crash out jsut thinking about it. crashing out anyway. too late and I'm zonked. ahh well, wish me luck for that job!

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rugbysex said...

prayers said, candles lit, fingers and toes crossed!! try, if possible, to ENJOY the KNOW you're qualified...good luck my friend!!