Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I was checking my hotel reservation email today and noticed I only booked it for one night! ugh..of course they have no more rooms this weekend.. (The Jane Hotel), so I quickly booked a room in a quick cheap small place in Chinatown for my second night, Saturday. ughhh... I hope it's not too much of a bitch getting my things from one place to the other. my weekend trip is so quick that I'd rather just run around ALL DAY Saturday, probably I can either leave my things at the Jane all day, OR check in super early at Chinatown. one things for sure, I'm getting a cab between place and then getting on with my Saturday in NY!
Hi, I'm dan from Oklahoma City, and currently feeling the pressures and stress of buying a new car, preparing for an attempt to get a new job, and in the middle of everything a getaway weekend to NYC that I planned way before any of this other stuff came up. ha
first about my truck, I haven't been able to take it down to my bud's garage yet, until I can get a ride back. I had a move job yesterday with my friend A (who I'll be in NYC with btw), and without my truck it took us a LONG time using the back, the hood, and the roof of her Xterra. ha but heck I got some extra $$ for the trip.  I am so busy this week now planning for the trip and getting my final grades in at the college job that I'm going to get the truck down to the garage next week when I get back.
in the meantime I have the used escort which feels like I'm driving a little gocart all over the place, after driving a truck for 12 years.  meanwhile I'm checking for deals on trucks all around town of course.
did I mention getting final grades in?  Tonight was my last class of the semester. woohoo!  passed back their last essay and then everyone wrote a final in class short essay on topics I put on the board.   Before class I was talking to another adjunct about the job interview, his is the day after mine.  from what he gathers, there will be interview time and also walk around meet departments time... and also of course the presentation.
I spoke to a fulltime person, who told me to go ahead and prepare a lesson and teach it like you were teaching a class, she said bringing a handout just like you would in class is also helpful etc etc. be prepared for them to ask questions like students would. all that... so that was cool. also, word is there are TWO positions open so that helps my chances mos def.
I'll be thinking about it all next week no doubt and then get that interview over with and hopefully nail it!
I'm going to brainstorm on the plane about my teaching philsophies and what experience has taught me blah blah blah.
well good ole chaste innocent celibate me got a phone call last night. the guy that used to live here for a short while 3 years ago wanted to stop by, he was running up to the store during half time while watching the game at a bud's house near me.  Anyway I was in a towel having just gotten out of the shower and doing my best to get my butt into bed after staying up late already after getting home late from the move job.  I tell him all those things but by the time I'm trying to say I'm just going to go to bed, he's saying well I'm parked outside now so let me in.. ha  so he came in and said "hey" and then got back to his bud's place for the second half of the game. so I had that on my mind today on top of everything else.  funny thing is that he does kid coaching at my gym and so he know my little gym buddy, the big buff college kids that lifeguards sometimes and who I always chat it up with while working out, anyway, i was told my visitor to keep an eye on that guy and let me know if he thinkgs the guy would ever swing our way, so to speak. ha ha
I'm hoping to take some time tomorrow night to get some stuff set aside to pack for the trip, I dont' want to throw it all together the night before, definitely NOT.  I do plan to travel very light and hopefully buy some stuff to wear while there. I plan to look at the pants at UNIQLO that are the light colored sort of preppy trendy look out this spring. also I'm wondering where to shop for some shirts with crazy fantastic well desighned though out prints all over them. that mark westbrook look but maybe in summery pastels? I dunno but that's what I'm gonna have on my radar for shopping.
Central Park will be a must and otherwise just whatver my bud A has planned to do. up for suggestion as usual. I've always been in NYC during December and this will be my first spring trip.  okay I'm crashing hard into bed now.zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

What a Life !! I'm sure you did well and I wish you the best !!
I like to read your diary...
I send you Angels to prevent drama...
My best regards from Paris
Et que la force soit avec toi...

Anonymous said...

kent okc
hey have a great weekend in ny....

EX frat man said...

...this time of year is the best time for a visit to the Ramble in Central Park ... truly memorable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ramble_and_Lake,_Central_Park

thatguy said...

New York in the spring is awesome, you can enjoy the parks and outdoor things so much more! That's the time I usually do more touristy stuff, because the weather isn't as dreary for it. And of course, shows. :)

rugbysex said...

define, "so he came in and said hey." LOL. have a wonderful time in NYC!!