Thursday, May 23, 2013

thursday DONE! bring on Friday

got the day done! went by fast. I was teaching and getting firm with the kids 'cause I wasn't going to put up with nonsense today. too much on my mind... ha  after lunch I changed up to shirt and tie and got my 6th hour started, then another teacher took over for me, so awesome of her!, and then went to my interview.
i showed up with my lesson ready with handouts and copies of pages from the book, also copies of my teaching certificate and resume, but no one wanted one... ha that's okay, still always a good idea to have copies available. I've been to interviews where the person hadn't gotten the file yet from so and so etc...
anyway, so the committee was a nice older guy who I've seen in training sessions on campus before, my boss the lady who hired me and is now the new dean of the dept, two full time ladies I know from working on the same hall as them, and then two people I didn't know, another English prof and the Math head.
they all asked me lots and lots of questions, I answered all of them, sometimes stopping my self so I wasn't just carrying on trying to explain myself....  then I taught my lesson. blah
I felt I did pretty good overall, but I didn't like my lesson 'cause it seemed sort of stale and rote, but I think they got the gist.  of course I was thinking the whole night afterwards, what I should have said, what I shouldn't have said, what I could have said better, why did I do that, how did I look when I said that, all that sort of stuff. Probably natural to think such stuff after an interview. It's in God's hands now so I'll just wait patiently and wait it out. :)
had time to come home afterwards and sit arond and rest a bit, get changed up for that over with and home a lot later than usual.  I got a message this morning that my Austin buddy is in town this weekend. so it will be interesting to see if we can connect and catch up some while he's here  since I got so much other stuff going on and the exgf coming to town Sunday to hand with for a few days.  I hope I can make it all work though.  hope everyone else is ready for a nice long 3 days weekend. let's get it going....


Mike said...

:::fingers crossed::: that the interview went well!

rugbysex said...

you're right to let go and let God. have a wonderful (albeit busy) holiday buddy!