Sunday, May 26, 2013

mechanical man...

is that me, my life? just going through the motions day by day, week by week, year by year, same ole same ole, knowing I should be working toward something but not knowing what direction i should take?....nope, this post is not about that, it's actually a movie title "The Giant Mechanical Man". perhaps you've seen it come across your netflix menu.. great film.
a nice slow going quirky movie about two people lost in the world who are getting behind and feeling misunderstood by others around them, love story of course, set in Detroit MI of all place. brrrrr
anyway if you get a chance to check it out , go for it and get back to me and what ya thunk.
I am having a great long weekend. Friday about did me out what with the zoo field trip with the kids, best part was the baby gorilla there, getting the kids to the bus stop back downtown in time to walk over to the bombing memorial and then back to catch the bus to school...then right after work I ran up to the whole foods grocery store to get some things, and then to walmart to get 5 rotisserie chickens for the garden club meeting.  called my mom when I got home to ask her if I had to cut them up or could I just serve them whole. she said with people in a buffet line, cut them up first so people didnt have to. ha and ughh..
so then I spend a bunch of time cutting 'em up and getting all the meat off and ina dish, finally make it to the meeting by 530 to set up and get stuff going. home later and crashing.
Saturday morning i had a teacher training thing which I purposefully went to an hour late, then made it home eventually to enjoy my Saturday! lot of yardwork and some cleaning up the house. and then watching a bit of netflix. I'm starting a series called "Monarch of the Glen", a BBC show.
anyway today was church and then home again until my ex gf from college showed up from AR.  we hung out here a bit and then went to the Paseo Arts Festival here in OKC, walked all over, people watched and checked out all the booths. ate some excellenet food, stopped by the asian grocery store on the way home, and also Best Buy to get me some new computer speakers so we could watch  a movie tonight on my computer and using the club projector. what movie? Mechanical Man of course. great little movie...anyway crashing now.


rugbysex said...

only YOU can answer your question. one thing i've come to is short. it's OK to "coast" sometimes but only YOU can make your life what you want it to me. the Lord helps those who help themselves. :)
p.s. hope you enjoyed the time w/ old friends this weekend. happy holiday buddy!

Anonymous said...

So you are watching Monarch with the wonderful Susan Hampshire. You will be hooked. Next you will buy a kilt.
The Caledonian Sleeper leaves London nightly for Ft. William then you transfer to the steam train to Mallaig (train used in Harry Potter) then a ferry to Inverie for a couple of days at the Old Forge with 4 star food. On return to Ft. William take west highland line to Glasgow. And you can stay in a real Scottish Castle and buy cashmere.