Saturday, May 04, 2013

great wknd...

ended the week with a drive over to buddy S's place after work yesterday, he and I drove around and looked at some houses he's interested in. This was in North OKC and then we went over to Penn Square mall to return some things he'd gotten with his bf, but then he found some better things at the outlet mall while they were shopping there a few weeks ago. anyway, we walked around quite a bit and had some dinner and caught up about him and his bf and S's recent business trips etc.  left his place in time to go by Lowe's to save time not going on a busy Saturday.  
One thing I got was a post hole digger, and that pretty much sums up my day today.  I put in a bit of new fence between me and the neighbor's house which will hide the sight of her A/C unit from my kitchen window, blah. and then I took down a few section of fence between the backyard and my carport where some heavy branches knocked it into pieces a few weeks ago. It needed repair anyway since two of the posts had rotted out and were falling over.  instead of digging up the cement I am making new holes a foot to the left, getting it all figured out and continuing more tomorrow.
today while driving back home after lunch and taking some 5 gallon buckets to the feed store for rabbit manure, my truck wouldn't go into gear while trying to leave the place... ugh.
I don't know if I mentioned the rattling sound my truck started making when I put it into gear a few weeks ago, I noticed it during a move job a while back, and had asked my dad about who seemed to think it was either the universal joint, but now he thinks it's more likely the clutch.  when I got back into my truck at the feed store and started it up, the gear wouldn't shift into 1,2,3, or R etc.. nothing.  I sat there thinking what the heck to do, trying to throw it inot reverse once made a bit of a grind sound... sucked!.
So I just turned of the truck and then tried to put it into gear with the engine off which worked for whatever reason.   I then pushed the clutch down and started it and then it went into reverse, then 1st and 2nd etc... to get me home.  but that thing is on it's way to fail.  
I called my Mexican mechanic buddy, a former adult student from my night job back when I started this blog.  He said to bring it by his shop Monday, which I'll do on the way to work no doubt. whoo hoo!
coudl be the bearing needs replaced? don't know.
sure love my little Ranger though  and want to get it down to visit Dallas in the next month or so. going to get that thing fixed! if possible.
otherwise it's a good weekend, I emailed my college ex gf in AR, and asked her when she is going to visit OKC again. ha I'd like her to come down since I have no plans of getting away to AR anytime soon.
NYC trip is only 2 weeks away though. so that is an awesome countdown!! :)

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rugbysex said...

hope there's nothing SERIOUSLY wrong w/ ur truck. it's comforting to know you have someone you can TRUST to fix it.