Tuesday, April 30, 2013


long day over! this week has been pretty nice so far, nice fair weather, good workout yesterday at the gym, and longer days for yard work chill time... ah spring.  today was eventful, first hour this kid who's been suspended before for defiance of authority blah blah etc, well he was slapping this vietnamese kid on the head on the way out of the room when the bell rang, and they weren't playing clearly shown by the serious non-laughing face of the vietnamese kid. so I say stop, and the kid slaps his head one more time. MY GOLDEN TICKET, meaning the boys left to 2nd hour, I went to our office to write a referral for BULLYING, ASSAULT, and DEFIANCE of authority. woo hoo. get that kid suspended again.  I know the kid has potential mentally but sadly with his background of no discipline from parents, being raised by a single mom since he was seven etc etc etc and going through adjusting to American school systems standards and norms, well he's not GETTING IT!!! anyway, the kid was taken out of 2nd hour and sent home, and we're awaiting to hear how many days suspended or if out the rest of the year etc etc...
another girl is out for a week at home for repeated cell phone use by in another class. another talkative kid is out for tardies in my class and cell phone use in another (5 days ISS), and then we had a kid sent home last week suspended 5 or 10 days for using cell phone in another class.  anyway, you get the picture, this time of year , at the end, the school is sick of messing with kids not getting the message. This is probably the slowest class to pick up the norms and customs of school that I've had since teaching in the district.  and I feel a little for them, kids from the sticks of Mexico with their new cell phones and new friends, and living all the new things but hating the situation of living away from mom and dad or friends back home and stuck here for whatever reason, and then trying to accept it as normal and accept normal routines and customs. oh they just hate it. a few kids just want to work and not go to school. ugh, I remain optimistic and constantly tell them "you will find much better jobs with English and Spanish language IF you finish high school." I also say things like "If you don't want to learn or are only here to bother students while I'm teaching then I'll get you out of this class! (meaning refer them to ISS etc)"  but I ALWAYS add" but I want you in my class, I want to help you learn English and teach you English" something along that lines.  I always make it clear to the kid I want to help them learn and to teach them and it THEIR CHOICE to continue acting up and getting themselves in trouble..
My co teacher , who shares all the newcomer kids with me, is out for a week. she left town tonight to be with her daughter who's having a baby in FL, but she got a good sub to cover her classes. I was thanking God for having all the suspensions taken care of between us with the bad kids before she left so it won't be a pain while the sub is here for a week.
My college class went well tonight. nothing much doing but review on the final essay due next week. only 2 weeks left! woo hoo.  This has been the quietest class I've taught as an adjunct professor, they are also not great writers at all.  tonight was second peer review with rough draft and I STILL hardly had a single full 5 page rough draft paper with all the sources ready to review... they all brought lame 2 page write ups or just outlines.... ahh well...
My theory is that when I started teaching a few years ago when the recession hit, many many people were going back to community colleges, including motivated already successful people, who were going back to school to get different new careers etc etc... and now that flush of students is over, so I have the regular part time students sort of in and out of school I guess. I dunno, but I'm hoping it's only a fluke this one semester of students in this class who are all so quiet. what I mean is it I get nothing when we have discussions about stuff, all my other classes would go back and forth about ideas and sides on issues. ha
Allright, onward with the week! hope you're enjoying a good spring awakening.  I must prepare clothes for the morning, and wash all my morning dishes in the sink for tomorrow. I have my Fairground Attraction station going on pandora just now with some Rumer  and Kate Rusby mixed in, anyone like those singers for chill nightime music? cheers.


rugbysex said...

keep ur spirits up professor...summer's coming. and i see a short trip in ur future. ha!

mr. m said...

Hang in there, the school year is almost over. My building has been handing out 10 day suspensions left and right (meaning the kids will return for the last 2 days, which are final exams).