Saturday, April 20, 2013

shopping haul!.... ha

Had a great time last night with buddy S. his bf stayed in AR this weekend so we went out for dinner and then some running around the outlet mall down on I-40 and Council rd.  I don't know if I have any OKC readers but they got quite a bit of stuff to look at, and the prices are more like outlet prices than when it first opened. anyway, I bought quite a bit of stuff and everything was like $6 after the %40 off. dang what could be better. I got an orange and green shirt at the Lucky Brand store that are super loose and light and easy feeling, a great knit fit and just right for summer. woo hoo.  Also a sort of "out of the box" shirt, meaning something I wouldn't normally buy since it's sort of a pink and red shirt. but again it was marked way down, a long sleeve grey and red striped shirt. fit just right. I also bought a tshirt not pictured here that says visit Cuba. ( just something extra for a Cuban teacher I work with.)
at J crew I got a light yellow t-shirt that was marked down, it probably the closest thing to anything trendy for summer, all the pastels they had mint green, and pale blue and pink etc... I also bought a pair of khaki pants that are 32/30. also $6 serious. although I'm a 32/34, I got them to cut off as shorts for this summer. I mean for $6 buck I can mow in them and still get my money's worth.
I got two long sleeve tshirts at the Gap, both $6 again!, one for me and the other for my sister who loves comfy long sleeve shirts to wear around the house and we both love navy shirts etc etc.. anyway i'll mail it to her this week as a little surprise.this post might be a little underwhelming as I just got a bunch of basic stuff, but heck I could wear 'em all summer.  and they all fit just right and my bud S even remarked maybe my shoulders and back filled in a little more. woo hoo keep it up dan!
We shopped some other stores like Kenneth Cole, DKNY, and Saks 5th Ave, and sure enough mr. frugal buddy S ends up not deciding for sure on anything and I leave with 3 sacks! ha. ( this is funny because it was his idea to go check out the outlet mall after dinner, and when am I not willing to check out a mall being the hunter,gatherer, collector that I am). it was worth all the walking around after the Chelino's Mexican food that filled me up.  
I've been watching episodes of Adventure Time on Netflix lately as a guilty pleasure. cartoon show for the kids in me I guess. this morning I went to some ESL mini convention for a few sessions then one of my favorite nurseries downtown okc on reno and western.  bought some annuals which I'm going to chance it, and put them outside in the yard today.  maybe gym later or just stay outside all day. woo hoo.... I'm putting off a stack of essays that need to be graded but I think between tonight and tomorrow I can hit them all out. right now it's time for PIZZA LUNCH SATURDAY. YUM hope you're enjoying the weekend. :)


mr. m said...

I need to remember the location for the summer. Living in Chickasha, I'm looking for places to shop as no one here has my odd combinations of sizes... Thanks for the info! Glad you got some great buys.

rugbysex said...

love the pink/red and pale yellow tee. glad you had fun. thanks for sharing it w/ us. :)