Wednesday, April 10, 2013

midweek again...

what a great spring day!  woke to cold icy rain thundering down outside, winds blowing, drove to work in the rain, rained all morning, you get the idea... after work, I came home to fine the whole neighborhood with trees all covered in ice. got to my house and branches were all over the yard. I have two awful silver maples in the back yard and sure enough, branches had fallen down, a couple crashing and breaking parts of the picket fence out back. a few hanging on an electric line and phone line... I got    the branch cutters and started trimming up branches and pushing the larger ones off the cables and off the fence. lots of good work. then quick inside to change to get to the gym, I decided not to run on the treadmill since I'd already warmed up with all the yardwork.... had to pick up a package at the post office, some pencils I ordered from India on ebay, don't ask, it was a random purchase..
got back home and continued the clean up outside. until I was so hungry had to get inside, warm up, have dinner and settle in.
just making it through the week. I'm really thankful for the rain, it's always a good thing, for my trees and landscaping outside.  The local feed store called that I could pick up the 3 five gallon buckets I'd left last weekend. they sell rabbit manure which is great for the flowerbeds. So i picked that up on the way home and after cleaning up the branches on the side of the house, I spread out the manure in case it rains anymore this week. get it watered in. 
I watched a very cool move last weekend on Netflix. I thought I'd mention it.  Safety Not Guaranteed !
very fun quirky film I'm not saying it was the most unpredictable film, but it really kept me going with the characters and everything. If you have Netflix, check it out.
I keep getting a lot of ideas for things I need to blog about, but running out of time to get into my deep thoughts mode. I'll try to get some better blogging going this weekend. hope every one is enjoying spring.


thatguy said...

I loved that movie! It was so clever and interesting!

rugbysex said...

i just so enjoy the window into your life. doesn't matter what you write about. thanks for all the joy you give me.