Saturday, April 06, 2013


went out last night, here's the social network status I left before slamming into bed "JURASSIC PARK IN 3D !!!!!!! funnest time I've had in a movie theatre in a LONG TIME.... absolutely worth seeing in 3d!!! I was laughing and jumping throughout...what a RIDE!!! also I hightly recommend the chicken sandwich at Cafe 501 (without jalepenos). it was SO GOOD. bread so soft, onions caramelized sweet goodness just right, and the cheese and the chipotle mayonaise... YUM!"...
SO that should pretty much sum up my evening last night with buddy S and a friend J who was in town from Houston. I had a long day, getting up to work yesterday morning early, since I had morning duty all last week (watching kids who sit in the bleachers before school). then the usual day of teaching, a joy this week and next due to 2 kids being suspended for 10 days, and then after school, making use of the downtown gym for leg day, and then getting up to S's place by 5:15. We discussed where to eat, what movie to see, and if we wanted to drive out to see this huge huge house up north. This guy who throws a big Christmas party every year in his HUGE house, well he sold it and it building a bigger house. ha We ended up going to care 501, catching up and discussing our life and work adventures all around, also our social gay friend scenes in Houston and Bentonville and here in okc. pretty much is just takes effort like it would anywhere else for anyone straight or gay, just got to get yourself out there and meet people and plan stuff. ha.... then we were off to the movies. And I have to tell ya, that movie in 3D, was pretty awesome, there were so many things I'd forgotten how they happened, and just the whole structure and pacing of the film is sheer genius. tons of fun, go see it!
You won't believe it but after the movie we went to a gay bar here in okc. we all had a beer and stood around a bit chatting about people we've known in OKC and how the bar had changed a bit, who we saw that we knew, and then pretty much just compared the 2 male dancers and other guys. then headed home. whew. finally made it back to my comfy house.
today I plan to do lots of nothing other than the usual pick up, some blogging, lots of time outdoors checking out the yard, what plants are sticking their noses out of the mulch, like the pineapple and asiatic lilies, perenialls breaking dormancy after last week's rain, and then just getting weeks out, stuf moved around, bricks and bags of mulch moved.. that sort of thing.
I have even more social plans tonight.... whoah. S's bf will be in town tonight and we have plans to meet up with 4 or 5 other guys or dinner.
thanks all for the comments about my dad, it's really no big deal, we communicate fine, I think I just expect something more based on how other's have it with their awesome dad's but my dad is just as awesome in all sorts of other ways, I can't expect to have hallmark movie moments. and seriously we are so different in interests, why should he have anything to say. although I will tell ya there are a lot of personality things that I do all the time just like my dad, and one thing is for sure, we are both ALWAYS RIGHT.. ha ha .

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rugbysex said...

if i EVAH get well, i'll go see jurassic park in 3D. why you social butterfly you. oorah! glad you're out and about. hope you have a nice relaxing day in eden.