Sunday, April 07, 2013

in or out...

had a great time last night at dinner, there ended up being about 8 of us. Iguana grill downtown and afterwards I shopped at this interesting store there I think it's partly owned by Wayne from Flaming Lips, anyway, I got my buddy in AR a t-shirt there from some European tour.
A friend at dinner last night, D's bf G, well he mentioned this web series he's been watching. so I watched the first three episodes tonight (they're about 20 minutes long). There are seven in all. You can watch them all online for free. Basically it's about 2 gay guys that used to date and them meeting new people etc etc.. check it out here if interested at The Outs.


rugbysex said...

i'll assume that since you posted about the vids, you like them. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great series!