Saturday, April 13, 2013

no gym today but,...

did anyone else hear the "this american life" program today? It was a really good one. I was in tears at the very end, such a well researched and told tale... it goes in a lot of directions throughout. Find it online and hear the podcast, do they still call them podcasts? ha ha. anyway, it was excellent.
I was up early this morning and driving to Bustani Plant Farm south of Stillwater Oklahoma for my annual purchase of landscaping perennials. This year I took along my vet friend with me for the ride, catching up all the way there and back.  She is very aware of animal welfare and on the way back we passed a turtle in the middle of the road, she was all serious and excited about pulling over, going back, and helping it get across. and we did just that. She jumped out and picked it up and carried over a few yards past the roadside. what a great vet!
anyway, after getting back a bit before lunch time, I got a call from my friend A. She was fixing a section of a fence in the back yard and needed some help getting one of the old cemented in posts out. This was right as I had ended the radio show, and felt a little refreshed from the feeling and tears. I told her I'd right over, just had to pick up a Jersy Mike's sandwich first....went over there for about hour talking and helping and joking around..
Had to get over to the garden center by 2pm for a board meeting of our club.turns out they'd already had the meeting earlier and so I jsut went to lunch with everyone instead at On the Border... 7 of us sat around there for a couple of hours eating and chatting. I had a chicken quesadilla and salad, man I was full since I'd already had a sandwich earlier.  But I found out they wanted to nominate to be regionals chairman next summer ( we are hosting the regional meeting next summer for the garden club, ours and kansas and missouri etc etc blah blah).  I declined and said that I'd better get to these meetings from now on so I'd not be elected for anything else. ha ha, all jokingly.
I did agree that they could put my house on the garden tour next summer, so that will be fun to plan for and get ready for next summer. I got home by around 430 and worked outside for a good 2 hours or more cutting branches and taking wheelbarrow loads of cut up branches to the front curb. This was from all the downed branches from the icy rain Wednesday.  Really just enjoyed being outside all evening and talking to the dog next door from time to time. the neighbor's dog is stuck on a chain anchored in the middle of the yard and can just reach my fence. It's some sort of shepherd healer mix. I got to thinking whether it'd had water all day, and brought it a bowl of water. right as the dog was drinking the neighbor girl arrived home and came to the back yard to show some friend her dog I guess.. (college grad girl who lives there with some roomates, her parents had bought the house a few years ago for the older sis to live in until married, now the younger one lives there). anyway, I felt weird having given the dog some water, but the girl either didn't notice or didn't care.
no dinner tonight, go figure I wasn't ever hungry enough. this has been a great beautiful weekend though.  I look forward to getting back to the gym downtown this week.  when I have a move it saves time to just go to that gym instead of driving back across town to workout and then go back to the southside for a move job.  well anyway, there is a solid tall type guy, balding a little but shaved head and scruffy beard. he's got a nice solid beard, anyway, I've been giving him the sly eye and trying to catch his eyes, i think he may have noticed and may be on the same team. anyway I just bring it up becuase it makes that gym more interesting.
not like I'm looking or anything, I'm just saying this guy looks preettty cool.... hopefully soon I cna get leadst a name. ha


Anonymous said...

Yes, great program today. Try to listen to it every weekend.
Have a new favorite tv show, "Farm Kings." On GAC cable, but episodes are available online. Think you would like it, too.

rugbysex said...

have you ever considered getting a dog? all that unconditional love is wonderful. oh...go up and introduce yourself mister! knock and the door shall be opened unto you. nothing ventured, nothing gained. gee, aren't i full of wise sayings today? lol.