Wednesday, March 27, 2013


plundering forward here in OKC.  Had an excellent weekend. was busy with most of it getting papers graded and finishing up projects around the house that I'd wanted to get done during my break, and of course put off til the last few days off. ha
What a busy week! Monday I was back at school, introducing a new CELL chapter with the kids writing sentences with the word cell in different ways, cell phone, prison cell, solar cell, fuel cell, plant cell, blood cell, etc... and then similar stuff going on with other classes. Haven't seen my kids since Monday because we're testing all week, so my classes are all with subs Tues, Wed, and Thurs. we have been calling out all the ESL students to our building for the end of the year testing their levels of English language.  Tomorrow is our last day and there are five of us teachers doing it, giving the 3 parts of the test before lunch and then repeating over and over the speaking tests individually.  I'm actually pretty good at it and don't miss my classes. ha
I have been in charge all week of getting the list of students, finding all their first hour teachers from the computer system and then getting "tickets" put in everyone's boxes with the name of the student on the ticket so that they are sent first thing in the morning to testing rooms.  This takes a bit of effort but I pretty much strive on getting things all in order and getting everyone in the right place. So I've been up to school early t his week and after first hour warning bell, I am paging teachers' classrooms from the office to say "hey you have tickets in your box you need to get!"  As much as we email the teachers to check boxes and tell them they have a kid we need to test. etc etc.. blah blah.
what else, oh yeah, Tuesday night class went very well. practicing finding subclaims in our reading assignments and finding the evidence to back up, then we also practice wrtiing it all together as you would in an essay to help them with wording, language, and citing sources.  I feel completely more motivated to be oh so planned and prepared and ready what with the possible full time job interview coming up. I also had called a few students who've been missing classes last weekend and they were both in class Tuesday night, I'm really trying to keep everyone motivated and so far have 20 students enrolled and still attending class (out of 25 max class size). that's good retention for a junior college seriously. sad but true.
My ex gf in AR emailed me a posting at University of Arkansas that I am applying for also. It is at a language school at the university for international students learning English and everything on the list fits me, masters in Tesol, overseas experience, etc etc... I'm applying mainly out of curiosity of how much it pays though really. although I would consider Fayetteville as a place to work and live most definitely! woudl sure beat trying to landscape and garden in San Antonio , one of my other plan Bs.
The weather has finaaly turned here more spring like and I'm only looking forward to the next few weeks to come. gym time after school today went very well. my bud was there and we had lots of chti chat, he had a great pair of blue shorts hanging loose in, showing all nicely as usual. hmmm
excellent time at home tonight, I got a book in the mail about King's Crossing metro stop. very cool, also got a brugmansia or Angel trumpet in the mail today from ebay.  some good tv watching tonight on abc then it was get ready to hit the sack.
I'm hoping to get to school early tomorrow and another great day of testing.bring on the weekend!
If I get more time and can gather my thoughts, I'd like to say more about the DOMA thing going on, and the whole issue in general. I was thinking at the gym today while working out about equality for single people. I was thinking that shouldn't employed married people have same taxes and/or benefits that a single person would... ha ha. just dumb thoughts I know. I guess it has something to do with sharing the same residence or something blah blah, i have no idea since I'm single anyway. 

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thatguy said...

You're right though. The cost of being single is pretty crazy. Doesn't make me any more optimistic about my future life.