Tuesday, March 12, 2013

tuesday again...

good Tuesday to you. My spring break is going rather well so far. Monday morning I was up early enough and made it over to my folks' place by 10 am to help my dad with a project out in the back yard. he's had this steel frame with a cover stretched over it in the back near his work shed with an old 40 car under it for a while, well seems like he's been framing it up with some wood and steel bars across the ceiling frame, and decided to insulate it. had ordered 4' rolls of fiberglass insulation that we cut into 25 foot lengths and then draped them over the top, stapled in, then had to get up on ladders and  on the roof a bit and screw in metal sheets one by one etc...took a nice lunch break with my mom inside who fixed us sandwiches. ha back out for more, and then I told me mom before I left that if dad was up on the ladder anymore out there, she'd better be out there with him for safety etc..
great chest day at gym yesterday afternoon. my buddy was there, and so was this other guy who I nickname Mr. Miami cause he used to always wear his sunglasses while working. anyway we were talking about that guy how he's not super huge but has tons of strength, I mean he was barbell curling with some 80lbs.  dude is married, my bud was asking him if he still boxed and he said he does the training but his wife doesn't want him boxing anymore. wah wah.
today was pretty awesome, I went down to the college to talk to my supervisor about having put my name in the hat for the position etc. and then came back home and did quite a bit of planning for class and also some yardwork, back down to the college for my night class. things went really well tonight and I was pleased with everything I'd planned.  I did get about 17 essays turned in though that I'll be grading the rest of the week and maybe next. ha
tomorrow I'll be meeting my friend A for a move job and then the rest of day doing whatever the heck comes up! ha, prolly run some shopping errands and then do some yardwork when I get back, and then gym by 4ish for my favorite - back day.
. I'm going to try and include a photo of this soap I got for Christmas, I've been using it in the shower now and then, it has a nice smell that I like the way it lingers when I'm getting into bed at night. from C.O. Bigelow.... I was pleased to find it online so I can get some more when I run out. hope everyone's having a great week !:)

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