Friday, March 08, 2013

sprng brk...

finally arrived. going to start it off right with some slurpy yummy awesome pizza for dinner! my vet friend and I area bout to meet up for dinner and then maybe go walk around the outlet mall for a while. It's getting pretty windy and cool out so we shall see.
and then tonight I'll probably stay up just a little bit later than usual. I considered packing up and going up to AR for the weekend but instead would rather just enjoy hanging easy for a while at home.
during this break I plan to check all the local area schools for jobs, just out of curiosity, and then I also want to give San Antonio just a wee bit of consideration, as far as working at the language institute down there, same one we trained at before going overseas. although the thing about that job is it is year 'round with out school calendar breaks, on the other hand, after I've worked there about 6 months, I think I'd be eligible to go overseas and work in whatever various countries etc etc.... but I'm not even seriously considering it, it's just good to know what other opportunities are out there that I think I could do, so that I realize why exactly I'm sticking with the current situation. ha ha.
I woke up last night around 1 and went to the bathroom half awake, I thought I heard a sound like the water was running outside but I couldn't figure it out since I'd never turned on the faucet on that side of the house, I listened a bit more, then though maybe it's the ac/heat unit or the fan going or whatever, went back to sleep.
flash forward to this morning I was on my way out of the house to school and walking from the back porch to where I park under the carport, guess what, a hose was running I left there the night before. UGHH.. ha ha.. at least I know those plants got a good soaking.
Today was the last day of school for a couple weeks and i was glad to get it over with. pretty much had the kids making posters of animals and then labeling them, and another class did a sort of GOOGLE scavenger hunt internet activity, and then my last hour had a math class, after which I showed them the skyboard and lions in South AFrica videos.   hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND. :)


drew said...

Dan, have a good vacation!

mr. m said...

Lots of openings appearing on the various teacher job sites. Wish you the best in the search.

Enjoy the time off and take some time just to veg out. My district has another week before our break... I'm more ready for it than my students!


thatguy said...

San Antonio is a great place to be right now, especially if you're bilingual and work in education. Good luck with the job search!

rugbysex said...

spring break...woot woot! have fun, relax but don't forget the gym. ;)

p.s. buy a speedo for this summer. ha!